Script for Vcenter Appliance 5.5 to Import/Export Vcenter Postgres SQL Database and archive management
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VMware Vcenter Appliance 5.5+ Database Archiving tool

Backup/restore database archives of your Vcenter Appliance PostGres and Inventory Services.

You can use this script to schedule backups and archive maintenance.

Copyright (c) 2015 Jon Retting

Version: 0.21

Release Notes:


  • Print out the name and size of the new Invetory Backup archive after backup success


  • Can backup Inventory Service Database and restore it
  • Ability to list contents of backup directory
  • made the serialization of file names more legible
  • various tweaks


  • Initial release


  • Tested on Vcenter Appliance 5.5d and 5.5e
  • Works only on an embedded local Postgres Database
  • When using the "-p" purge option a value of "30" would delete all archives over 30 days old
  • Edit "vcdbt_backup_dest" variable to change backup destination path


vcdb-tool [-e] [-i=file] [-p=#]
-e    Export a backup archive to the backup path
-i    Import the specified backup file from the backup path (-i file.bak)
-b    Backup the Inventory Service database
-r    Restore an Inventory Service database archive (-r file.bak)
-l    List contents of archive folder
-p    Purge outdated backup archives older than # days (-p 30)
-h    this cruft


  • Run a PostGres Database Export ./vcdb-tool -e

  • Run a PostGres Database Import ./vcdb-tool -i VCDB.db.042615.1430061195.bak

  • Run an Inventory Service Backup ./vcdb-tool -b

  • Run an Inventory Service Restore ./vcdb-tool -r inv-backup.042615.1430061173.bak

  • List archive folder contents ./vcdb-tool -l

  • Cleanup old backup archives older than thirty days ./vcdb-tool -p 30

Based on official VMware and