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;; (play (pattern [A B C [D E]]))
;; (play (bmp 10 (pattern [A B C [D E]])))
;; (play (+ 10 (pattern [A B C [D E]])))
;; (play (reverse (pattern [A B C [D E]])))
;; (play (pattern [sin])))
;; (play (pattern [kick crush kick crush])))
;; (play (pattern [(+ kick crush) boot (+ kick crush)]))
;; (def sigs (play (pattern [A B])))
;; (stop sigs)
;; play should execute the timings
(def kick (.loadSample @*minim* "/home/darksun4/Sources/clj-processing/examples/data/KickDrums1/kickdrum6.wav"))
(def snare (.loadSample @*minim* "/home/darksun4/Sources/clj-processing/examples/data/SnareDrums1/snaredrum2.wav"))
(def hihat (.loadSample @*minim* "/home/darksun4/Sources/clj-processing/examples/data/HiHats1/hihat2.wav"))
(doseq [i (range 5)]
(Thread/sleep 300)
(.trigger kick)
(Thread/sleep 300)
(.trigger hihat)
(.trigger snare))
(:import [ddf.minim Minim AudioOutput AudioSample]
[ddf.minim.signals SquareWave]
[ddf.minim.effects LowPassFS])
(:import (processing.core PApplet PImage PGraphics PFont))
(:use [rosado.processing]
(def *minim* (atom nil))
(def *outp* (atom nil))
(def *sine* (atom nil))
(def *samples-path* "/home/darksun4/Sources/clj-processing/examples/data/")
(defn play-note [note]
(.playNote @*outp* (float 0)
(float (:duration note))
(:data note)))
(defn play-sample [sample]
(.trigger (:data sample)))
(defrecord Melement [volume pitch duration chord? play-fn data])
(defmacro defsample [sample sample-path]
`(def ~sample
(Melement. 50 (float 1.0) (float 1.0) false play-sample
(.loadSample @*minim* (str *samples-path* '~sample-path)))))
(defmacro defnote [n-name]
`(def ~n-name (Melement. 50 (float 1.0) (float 1.0) false play-note (str '~n-name))))
;; Notes
(defnote A)
(defnote B)
(defnote C)
(defnote D)
(defnote E)
(defnote F)
(defnote G)
(defnote E3)
(defnote G3)
(defnote B3)
(defnote E4)
(defnote _)
(def _ (Melement. 50 1.0 nil (fn[x] nil) "_"))
;; Drums
(defsample kick "KickDrums1/kickdrum6.wav")
(defsample snare "SnareDrums1/snaredrum2.wav")
(defsample hihat "HiHats1/hihat2.wav")
(def a (.loadSample @*minim* "/home/darksun4/Sources/clj-processing/examples/data/BD.mp3"))
(.trigger a)
(.close a)
;; Nothing else matters
(p (pattern [E3 G3 B3 E4 B3 G3], 4))
;; Drum demo
(p (pattern [kick kick hihat [kick kick] [kick kick] [kick kick] hihat], 4))
;; this need fixing
;;(p (pattern [kick [+ hihat snare] kick]))
(defn calc-duration [elements duration count]
(map #(pattern % (/ duration count))
(defn is-chord? [elements]
(if (= (:name (meta (first elements))) '+)
;; Needs a lot of clean-up
(defn pattern
([m-element] (pattern m-element 1))
([m-element duration]
(if (= (type []) (type m-element))
(let [element-count (if (is-chord? m-element)
(count m-element))
elements (if (is-chord? m-element)
(map #(assoc % :chord? true)
(rest m-element))
(calc-duration elements duration element-count)))
(assoc m-element :duration duration))))
(defn p [m-elements]
(doseq [element m-elements]
((:play-fn element) element)
(prn (:chord? element))
(when (not (:chord? element))
(Thread/sleep (* (:duration element) 500)))))
(defn bpm [pattern tempo-num]
(map #(+ (:duration %)
(defn setup []
"Runs once."
(swap! *minim* (fn [minim] (Minim. *applet*)))
(swap! *outp* (fn [out]
(.getLineOut @*minim*)))
(swap! *sine* (fn [sine]
(SquareWave. 440 0.5 (.sampleRate @*outp*)))))
(fill 226)
(framerate 10)))
(defn draw []
(background-float 124))
(defapplet example :title "Music as Data"
:setup setup :draw draw :size [200 200])
(run example)
(stop example)
float pan = map(mouseX, 0, width, -1, 1);
(.addSignal @*outp* @*sine*)
(.removeSignal @*outp* @*sine*)
(.setFreq @*sine* 40)
(doseq [i (take 400 (repeatedly (fn [] (rand 400))))]
(.setFreq @*sine* i)
(Thread/sleep 100))
(def sqr
(SquareWave. 440 0.5 44100))
(.removeSignal @*outp* @*sine*)
(.clearSignals @*outp*)
(.playNote @*outp* (float 0) (float 1.0) "A"))
(.close @*outp*)
(defn print-progress-bar [percent]
(let [bar (StringBuilder. "[")]
(doseq [i (range 50)]
(cond (< i (int (/ percent 2))) (.append bar "=")
(= i (int (/ percent 2))) (.append bar ">")
:else (.append bar " ")))
(.append bar (str "] " percent "% "))
(print "\r" (.toString bar))
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