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@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@ samples.
You can see (and hear) examples at
-The documentation still lacks a lot of stuff but I am working on it.
+The documentation still lacks a lot of stuff, so this is NOT for the faint-hearted.
# Example #
@@ -51,6 +51,37 @@ The advantage is that you can manipulate data and their properties thus mess aro
tempo, scaling whatever.
+# How to use #
+First of all, don't run lein deps. All libraries and samples are included (bad bad bad).
+Change the globals.clj into the path where samples are (so you can have drum sets).
+Then, start your repl (lein swank) and go to core.clj.
+Compile core.clj and
+ (start main)
+Don't close the window that will pop-up. This is the processing window (so you can have graphics too!).
+After that, run
+ (create-notes)
+and you are ready to start playing!
+ (p (pattern [A4 A2]))
+ (p (pattern [kick snare (+ hihat snare)]))
+You can have it playing on a loop by executing:
+ (keep-looping)
+and then:
+ (play! [A4])
+ (play! [C5])
# Building #
Still cleaning up the repository from deps, so some jars might not be inside project.clj yet.
@@ -38,14 +38,20 @@
(stop applet))
- ;; Create notes and load samples
+;; Run this AFTER you have started the system
+;; using (start main)
+;; Create notes and load samples
;; after system started
-(defsample kick "KickDrums1/kickdrum6.wav")
-(defsample kick2 "KickDrums4/kickdrum154.wav")
-(defsample snare "SnareDrums1/snaredrum2.wav")
-(defsample snare2 "DistortedSnares2/distortedsnare52.wav")
-(defsample hihat "HiHats1/hihat2.wav")
+;;(defsample kick "KickDrums1/kickdrum6.wav")
+;;(defsample kick2 "KickDrums4/kickdrum154.wav")
+;;(defsample snare "SnareDrums1/snaredrum2.wav")
+;;(defsample snare2 "DistortedSnares2/distortedsnare52.wav")
+;;(defsample hihat "HiHats1/hihat2.wav")
+;;(p (pattern (A4)))
+;;(play! [A4 B4])

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