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@@ -52,12 +52,11 @@ tempo, scaling whatever.
# How to use #
-First of all, don't run lein deps. All libraries and samples are included (bad bad bad).
-Change the globals.clj into the path where samples are (so you can have drum sets).
+First, build the project (see Building). Some examples are included and I would be happy to include any of yours.
+Also, you must use emacs (at least until someone sends me alternative ways of starting and using the REPL).
-Then, start your repl (lein swank) and go to core.clj.
-Compile core.clj and
+Then, start your repl (lein swank) and go to core.clj .
+Go inside emacs, run slime-connect, go to the core namespace, select everything and press CTRL+C, CTRL+R to compile the selection. After that, you have a REPL with libraries included and system are ready to go! Just run:
(start main)
@@ -68,7 +67,6 @@ After that, run
and you are ready to start playing!
(p (pattern [A4 A2]))
(p (pattern [kick snare (+ hihat snare)]))
@@ -83,11 +81,17 @@ and then:
# Building #
-Still cleaning up the repository from deps, so some jars might not be inside project.clj yet.
lein deps
# Authors #
-Designed and developed by Jon Vlachoyiannis (
+Designed and developed by Jon Vlachoyiannis (
+# Thanks #
+@mar_nas (for the incredible site
+ (for clj-processing)
+ ('cause it rocks)
+ (for the AWESOME sound system)

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