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# Live Programming Music Language in Clojure #
-Music as Data
+Music as Data (MAD) is a live programming language/environment based on written in Clojure.
+MAD lets you treat music as data and apply data transformation on the fly so you can experiment with notes and
+The documentation still lacks a lot of stuff but I am working on it.
+# Example #
+Play a sample or note like this:
+ (play! [kick])
+Play two samples (or notes):
+ (play! [kick kick])
+Each sample is being played on one time.
+If you want to play a sample on the same time:
+ (play! [kick (+snare hihat)])
+This will play kick on one time and snare+hihat on another.
+You can also play triplets:
+ (play! [kick [snare snare snare]])
+Now kick will be on one time and for the same duration, you'll have three snare.
+Of course you can play notes:
+ (play! [A4 B4 D#5])
+Mix, notes and samples:
+ (play! [hihat A4 kick G6])
+The fun begins when you understand that you can manipulate music as data by apply tranformations.
+For example:
+ (p (reverse (pattern [kick kick])))
+Now, instead of using play! (which plays samples in a loop - perfect for building stuff on the fly)
+you can create a pattern and then run it only for once using the p function.
+The advantage is that you can manipulate data and their properties thus mess around with note frequences,
+tempo, scaling whatever.
# Building #
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lein jar
-# Example #
# Authors #
Designed and developed by Jon Vlachoyiannis (

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