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I've had a number of cases were the stacktrace wasn't enough to track down the
problem - a log capture would have helped. Actually querying the system log
requires a permission and running a subprocess, which is probably not want we
want to do.
But we could provide a wrapper around the log class which caches the last X
messages and can then include them in the trace.
Currently, the exception handler is only installed after the existing traces
have been submitted. As a result, you either have to wait for that to have
happened before starting up, or risking potentially to miss an Exception that
might occur in the meantime.
Seems like there isn't any reason why we can't read all the traces into memory,
delete them from the disk, then install the handler right away and only at this
point begin with submitting the trace in the background.
Due to the way the "Processor" interface is currently setup, this could actually
be implemented as an option. The handlerInstalled() callback would then just be
called earlier, or later, depending on the setting.
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