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Michael Kutý michaelkuty

Fullstack engineer at @storiesbi, mostly working on web applications written in Python. Maintainer @django-leonardo and @leonardo-modules.

Stories Česká republika

Julian Villella JVillella

Lifelong Learning 🤓

@500px Toronto, Ontario

Iman Iman

I am an entrepreneur, technology agnostic and I have a Ph.D. in Computational Intelligence.

@anchovy UK

Aytaç aytacozkan

I’m A. Ozkan, Software Developer, currently at Venbey Yatırım Menkul Değerler A.Ş. at Istanbul/Turkey.

Venbey Istanbul

J C jamesacampbell


@the-pharos-group Cay man Is land

George Gkirtsou ggirtsou

Software Engineer. I have a thing for automation & scalability. Learning Go. Interested in every part system: DBs, ITOPS, Cloud

@zanox London, UK

mohammad AeronStory

Project Manager 😄 Financial Technology ❤️

Jacob Horne j-s

Sydney, Australia

Suhith Rajesh suhithr

Former SWE Intern at @aerofs(S'16) , member of @delta

Palo Alto, CA

femtotrader femtotrader

Geek (or nerd?), physicist (academic position) and amateur trader (trying to become a much more professional investor ;-) )

Matt Ahmad mattahmad

It's been a hard day's day


Bill Robinson dseevr

when you try to take an interest in real life issues and end up a mentally-unhinged recluse living in a nightmare alternate reality fueled entirely by memes

Cisco Systems San Jose

airbender digideskio

Public Relations professional turned opensource evangelist

Digidesk Bangladesh

Luke Taverne luketaverne

Robotics, Systems and Control M.Sc. student at ETH Zürich. Reformed Physicist (Engineer).

Zurich, CH

Vanush Vaswani VanushVaswani

Vanush Vaswani. i.e building random stuff


Varadharajan varadharajan

ThoughtWorks Chennai, India

Zaq Mosher wwjimd

colaboratori Portland, OR

Martin Seeler MartinSeeler

I'm a Unix creationist. I believe the world will end exactly 03:14:07 UTC on Tuesday, 19 January 2038.

Avantgarde Labs GmbH Dresden, Germany

Luc Alapini alapini

Go. React. CNTK.

Enccore Cotonou

Natan Oliveira Cruz Reis natanocr

Prefeitura Municipal de Campestre do Maranhao Imperatriz - MA, Brazil

Yoichi Hirai pirapira

Formal verification engineer at @ethereum

@ethereum Berlin