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A list of Neural MT implementations
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Neural Machine Translation Implementations


Feel free add to this via a pull request, with each section alphabetically ordered.

Project Stats

  • 23 project names include nmt
  • 6 project names include seq2seq
  • 2 project names include dl4mt
  • 3 projects are derived from Kyunghyun Cho's tutorial at the 2015 DL4MT winter school

The Lists

Caffe2-based NMT

Software Who Comments
seq2seq Deepak, Yury

Chainer-based NMT

Software Who Comments
attention_is_all_you_need Sosuke impements the Transformer
chainn Philip
KyotoNMT Fabien

Custom C/C++ NMT

Software Who Comments
EUREKA-MangoNMT Jiajun
Mantidae Vu A successor of Mantis
Marian Marcin, Tomasz Compatible with Nematus models
N3LP Kazuma, Akiko
Zoph_RNN Barret Supports multi-GPU parallelism

DyNet-based NMT

Software Who Comments
dynmt-py Roee Python
lamtram Graham C++
mantis Trevor C++
NMTKit Yusuke C++
Transformer-DyNet Vu C++; implements the Transformer
xnmt NeuLab Python

Keras-based NMT

Software Who Comments
Keras seq2seq Fariz
NMT-Keras Álvaro

MXNet-based NMT

Software Who Comments
MXNMT magic282
sockeye AWS Labs

PyTorch-based NMT

Software Who Comments
attention-is-all-you-need-pytorch Yu-Hsiang
fairseq-py Myle & Facebook Research
NJUNMT-pytorch Haoran Wei & Zaixiang Zheng
nmtpytorch Ozan
nonauto-nmt Salesforce Research
OpenNMT-py Harvard, Systran
pytorch_nmt Pengcheng
seq2seq.pytorch Elad
UNdreaMT Mikel Unsupervised

TensorFlow-based NMT

Software Who Comments
byteNet-tensorflow Paarth
bytenet_translation Kyubyong
Neural Monkey ÚFAL
NJUNMT-tf ZhaoChengqi
NMT Thang, Eugene, Rui
OpenNMT-tf Guillaume
RNNsearch Playinf, Xiamen University
seq2seq Alexandre
Tensor2Tensor Google Implements many models
tf-seq2seq Denny See also tutorial

Theano-based NMT

Note: Theano will be discontinued

Software Who Comments
DCNMT SwordYork
dl4mt-tutorial Cho, Orhan
dl4mt-c2c Jason, Cho
HNMT Robert
Nematus Rico, Cho, Orhan
neuralmt Raphael
NMT Zhaopeng Adds coverage and context gate
nmtpy LIUM refactored dl4mt-tutorial
SGNMT Cambridge Syntactically-guided NMT
THUMT Tsinghua University

Torch-based NMT

Software Who Comments
fairseq Facebook Novel CNN+attention
nmt-android Yoon, Sasha
NPMT Po-Sen, Fairseq team Phrase-based NMT
OpenNMT Harvard, Systran
seq2seq-attn Yoon Superseded by OpenNMT, except for character-level stuff


Software Who Backend Comments
nmt.hybrid Thang Matlab also word-based
textsum Google TensorFlow text summarization demo using seq2seq+attn
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