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{%= description %}

Useful for protecting tokens, like templates in HTML, from being mutated when the string is transformed in some way, like from a formatter/beautifier.

Example without preserve

Let's say you want to use js-beautify on a string of html with Lo-Dash/Underscore templates, such as: <ul><li><%= name %></li></ul>:

js-beautify will render the template unusable (and apply incorrect formatting because of the unfamiliar syntax from the Lo-Dash template):

    <%=n ame %>

Example with preserve


  <li><%= name %></li>

For the record, this is just a random example, I've had very few issues with js-beautify in general. But with or without js-beautify, this kind of token mangling does happen sometimes when you use formatters, beautifiers or similar tools.


{%= include("install-npm", {save: true}) %}

Run tests

npm test


{%= apidocs("index.js") %}


Pull requests and stars are always welcome. For bugs and feature requests, [please create an issue]({%= bugs.url %})


{%= include("author") %}


{%= copyright() %} {%= license() %}

{%= include("footer") %}

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