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Add UK Ordinance Survey map grid squares and labels to your leaflet maps
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Add UK Ordinance Survey style 1km grid squares to your leaflet maps.



    var map ='map',{
      center: [56.7969, -5.0036],
      zoom: 14,

      'http://{s}{z}/{x}/{y}.png', {
        maxZoom: 18,

    var options = {      



This is UK based grid, it will continue to display outwith the lat/lng bounds of the UK however it will become more and more distorted until at some point it stops displaying.


  • interval. Default = 1000. This draws a grid line every 1000m.
  • showLabels: Default = true. Displays numeric Easting and Northings on the lines
  • redraw: Default = 'move'. Sets when the grid is redrawn.
  • maxZoom: Default = 15. Limit the range that the grid is drawn.
  • minZoom: Default = 12. Limit the range that the grid is drawn.
  • gridLetterStyle: Default = 'color: #216fff; font-size:12px;'. A css string to style the labels.

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