A Taskwarrior client that doesn't suck very much. This was created to fill my own need: feel free to modify it! If it looks really ugly, you probably have your terminal configured wrong. Open an issue and I'll try to help you out.
Python Shell


Taskwarrior Utilities

Just put these files in your path! To make a tasky command, do the following:

ln -s tasky.py tasky
chmod +x tasknote
chmod +x tasky

Tasky: a modal, interactive Taskwarrior client

Tasky is pretty well undocumented, but it is basically a curses-based shell to make interacting with Taskwarrior easier. The main keys are the following:

  1. j, k: scrolling.

  2. i: insert new task.

  3. e or RETURN: edit the selected task (see below).

  4. c: complete the selected task. No confirmation.

  5. d: delete the selected task. No confirmation.

  6. SPACE: toggle (start/stop) the selected task. No confirmation.

  7. u: undo whatever you did last. No confirmation.

  8. :: enter command mode. Basically, enter any arbitrary Taskwarrior commands (without task). Example: proj:tasky del.

  9. !: enter shell mode. Run any arbitrary shell command.

  10. l: change the current filter (see below).

  11. n: runs tasknote for a given task in a new tmux pane. Since I built Tasky for myself, this command requires you to be in a tmux session. I plan to make this configurable later.

Tasky supports mouse input! You can click a task to select it, and scrolling also works.


Filters in Tasky are quite simple. In order to get your tasks, Tasky runs task export; a filter is simply a string that is appended to the task export command. So, a valid filter would be something like proj:tasky or due:today or due:tomorrow +important. The current filter is displayed in the header.

If you run Tasky with arguments, those will be used as the initial filter.

Editing and Inserting

The text you enter is appended to a task add or task # mod command. That means you can change a task's project or tags or due date using this mode.

When adding new tasks, the current filter is appended. That means that if you are currently viewing tasks in a certain project that are due today, new tasks will also have those attributes.

Still to do

Tasky does not yet support sorting or arbitrary searching.


Tasknote is another small utility that allows you to associate a text file with a task. It is included in this repository.