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LiveVars (WIP)

LiveVars is an implementation of Unity-like live variable editing in FlashPunk. I'd like to eventually make this more extendable so people can easily subclass it to support other engines.

I wanted to get this out before Ludum Dare, but you should be aware that, although it is working, this is still a work-in-progress.


Check out a brief demo here.

Variable names and values are written in a toml file, which you specify relative to the directory that holds your .swf, not the project directory.

You can have world variables and static variables.

World Variables

World variables are instance variables that belong to the current World ( They are placed in an object with the same name as the world itself.

Static Variables

Static variables are placed in objects with a name other than the current World, corresponding to the class name that holds the static variables. These are not instance variables, but they can still be modified in real-time.

A Note on Packages

If a Class or World is inside a package, you cannot refer to it directly by name without the corresponding package information. Packages are referred to with a double colon syntax. (This is automatically converted to an ActionScript-friendly syntax.) For instance, com::example::Class.


# current world
points = 0

	name = "P1"
	powers = ["jump", "smash"]
	x = 0
	y = -40

# static variable
color = 0xff0000

currentLevel = 3


Using LiveVars is as easy as calling LiveVars.init("livevars.toml") at any point (presumably at launch, though) in your game.


Unity-like real-time variable tweaking for FlashPunk



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