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Werewolf changes your vim colorscheme automatically based on the time of day, allowing you to use a light theme during the day but "transform" to a dark theme once the sun goes down.



git clone
cp -R werewolf.vim .vim


cd ~/.vim/bundle
git clone


Add this line to .vimrc: Plugin 'jonstoler/werewolf.vim'
Launch vim and run :PluginInstall
Or to install from the command line: vim +PluginInstall +qall


Add this line to .vimrc: Plug 'jonstoler/werewolf.vim' Launch vim and run :PlugInstall

Available Commands

Command Function
:WerewolfTransform Checks the time of day and adjusts your colorscheme (meant to be used when automatic transformation is turned off)
:WerewolfToggle Switches to night if you're using the day theme, and vice versa
:WerewolfAuto! Toggle automatic transformation
:WerewolfOn Turn automatic transformation on
:WerewolfOff Turn automatic transformation off
:WerewolfStart num Set g:werewolf_day_start to num
:WerewolfEnd num Set g:werewolf_day_end to num


Theme Matching

You need to set day/night themes. Each day theme needs a single corresponding night theme.

Note that you're free to use themes not defined in either of these lists, but Werewolf will ignore them.

In your .vimrc:

let g:werewolf_day_themes = ['day1', 'day2', 'day3']
let g:werewolf_night_themes = ['night1', 'night2', 'night3']

Time of Day

Werewolf will transform between day and night based on two variables:

" default 8, use 24 hour format
let g:werewolf_day_start = 8

" default 20, 24 hour format
let g:werewolf_day_end = 20

The default settings have Werewolf transform to day at 8:00 AM and transform to night at 8:00 PM.

Automatic Transformation and Toggling

By default, Werewolf will automatically transform at the hours you specify. However, you can also control it manually if you wish:

" this defaults to 1, set it to 0 to control Werewolf manually
let g:werewolf_change_automatically = 0

You can then use :WerewolfToggle to switch between day and night themes at any time, or call :WerewolfTransform to change to the proper theme based on your day_start and day_end settings.