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Mason was created by Jonathan Swartz over several years at CMP Media.
The main development team shifts over time, as with most open source
projects. However, at the time of writing, most development is done by
Dave Rolsky and Jonathan Swartz.
Other contributors, most recent first:
(Summer '01)
John Williams (no relation) helped implement a number of new features
for what became Mason 1.10, including buffer objects and component
calls with content.
(July '01)
Matthew Lewinski created the design for the second overhaul of Mason
(November '00)
Dave Rolsky was the first new member to the development team since
Mason's inception. Before joining Dave revamped the parser module,
answered numerous queries on the user's list and initiated discussions
on Mason's future.
Ken Williams has submitted a variety of code cleanups/speedups and
hosted the first mailing list archive at the math forum.
Michael Dorman, Ken Miller and Ken Williams currently administer the
mailing lists.
Thanks to Hank Leininger and the folks at MARC for their excellent
mail archive interface, on which all of Mason's lists are archived.
(July '99)
Matt Jalbert lent his artistic flair to the Mason HQ web site design.
(February '99)
Patrick Kane was an early Mason adopter providing useful feedback from
the beginning. He acted briefly as FAQ maintainer and contributed the
first session-related examples. Patrick currently hosts the Mason site
and core development server.
Kirrily 'Skud' Robert started the first Mason mailing list and hosted
it at netizen for over a year.
(October '98)
The original idea for Mason was inspired by the component system used
by NetGuide Live at CMP Media in 1996. HTML++ lives on!
Gady Costeff formulated the need for a better component-based web
engine and blessed us with a creative, open-minded environment.
Tom Smith protected our core development team from hostile forces,
kept calm during the storms, and was (and continues to be) a great
ally of the Mason open source initiative.
Thanks to Debra Robinson and CMP management for generously supporting
the Mason and Content Management open source releases.
Chris Dobosz helped design the predecessor to Mason (Scribe) and
implemented the predecessor to Content Management system. He had the
first non-CMP production web site to use Mason,
Dennis Watson also helped design Scribe and was a never-ending source
of Perl and Oracle wisdom.
Kurt Hurtado helped convert Scribe to Mason and created the CD-ME
Mark Schmick wrote all of the original Mason documentation and helped
greatly in getting the first release out the door. He also created
the Mason Content Management system.
The Internet technology team at CMP was supportive and patient with me
as I brought down the systems with my periodic Mason "improvements".
Besides those mentioned above, the following people have contributed
suggestions or patches, as listed in the Changes file:
John Arnold
Alexei V. Barantsev
Oleg Bartunov
Vadim Belman
John Beppu
Jeremy Blain
Manuel Capinha
Paolo Campanella
Benoit Caron
Sean Cazzell
Nicholas Clark
Caleb Crome
Joe Edmonds
Ewan Edwards
Pascal Eeftinck
Joe Frisbie
Jon Frisby
Radu Greab
Philip Gwyn
Eric Hammond
Gordon Henriksen
Mark A. Hershberger
Tom Higgins
Brian Holmes
Matt Hoskins
Tom Hughes
Tom Hukins
Chris Hutchinson
Pelle Johnsen
Bojan Jovanovic
Ilmari Karonen
Dirk Koopman
Fen Lebalme
Austin S. Lin
John Michael Mars
Ilya Martynov
Brent Michalski
Louis-David Mitterrand
Jim Mortko
Chuck O'Donnell
Ivan E. Panchenko
Rob Perelman
Carl Raiha
Alex Robinson
Aaron Ross
Adam Roth
Paul Schilling
Randal Schwartz
Lee Semel
Denis Shaposhnikov
Michael Shulman
John Siracusa
Barrie Slaymaker
Scott Straley
Adam Stubbs
Jeremy Taylor
Gert Thiel
John Tobey
Renzo Toma
Doug Treder
Benjamin John Turner
Jindra Vavruska
Jesse Vincent
Kees Vonk
Viacheslav Voytovich
Rafael Weinstein
David Wheeler
Mikhail Zabaluev
Thanks y'all!