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Class::Method::Delegate - Perl extension to help you add delegation to your classes


use Class::Method::Delegate;
use Package::To::Delegate::To;
delegate methods => [ 'hello', 'goodbye' ], to => sub { Package::To::Delegate::To->new() };
delegate methods => [ 'wave' ], to => sub { shift->{gestures} };
delegate methods => [ 'walk', 'run' ], to => sub { shift->{movements} ||= Package::To::Delegate::To->new() };

delegate methods => [ 'walk', 'run' ], to => \&some_subroutine, handlers => [ 'slow', 'fast' ];


Creates methods on the current class which delegate to an object.

delegate takes a hash or hashref with the following keys.


Takes an array ref of strings that represent the name of the method to be delegated.


a sub block that returns an object, which the method calls will be sent to.

Accessing the parent from inside the delegated class.

If the object you are delegating to has a method called delegated_by, then this will be called when delegating. The $self of the package doing the delegating will be passed in, so you can then store it.