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ArduLO Demo


ArduLO is a clone of the puzzle game Lights Out for the Arduboy.


To build ArduoLO from source, you'll need to install:

For more help on setting up the a Arduboy development environment, see Learning to Program the Arduboy.

Then, within the Arduino IDE, open src/ArduLO/ArduLO.ino, and run Sketch > Verify/Compile.


ArduLO Title Screenshot

ArduLO contains two sets of 50 puzzles. At the title screen you can select either Set A or Set B with the D-Pad, then press the B button to start the game. You can also toggle sound on and off.

ArduLO Game Screenshot

The objective is to turn off all of the lights in as few moves as possible. Use the D-Pad to select the light you want to toggle, and press the B button to toggle. Toggling a light will cause the nearby lights to toggle in the shape of a plus.

ArduLO Paused Screenshot

Pressing the A button will pause the game. Within the pause menu you can also choose to restart the puzzle or toggle sound on and off.

ArduLO Level Done Screenshot

After finshing a puzzle, you'll be given a score in one to three stars. Here you can either move on to the next puzzle or retry for a better score. Try to get three stars on all 50 levels in the set!


ArduLO is open-source under the MIT license.

Copyright (c) 2020-2021 Jon Thysell