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Chordious is a fretboard diagram generator for fretted stringed instruments like the ukulele, mandolin, and guitar.

Official Website:

Chordious requires .NET 4.6.2 or later. See for download and installation details.


  • Create clean, scalable, fretboard diagrams
  • Extensive styling options
  • Find chords for all your instruments and tunings with the Chord Finder
  • Find scales for all your instruments and tunings with the Scale Finder
  • Save and maintain your collections of diagrams in the Diagram Library
  • Import your Classic Chordious ChordLine documents
  • Export your diagrams as SVG, JPG, or PNG images
  • Rich Diagram Editor
  • Automatic updates

Chordious is open-source under the MIT license.

Chordious proudly depends on the following open-source projects:

Copyright (c) 2013-2021 Jon Thysell