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Chordious Changelist


  • Fixed update check to always suggest updates to higher official versions

  • First 2.1 preview release
  • Chord Finder can now find "partial" chords
  • Diagram export can now be interrupted, and dialog can optionally close afterward
  • Added Extended WPF Toolkit v3.8.2 dependency
  • Upgraded numeric inputs from text boxes to numeric spinners
  • Upgraded color inputs from combo boxes to color pickers
  • Fixed issue with non-deterministic style summary text
  • Extended clickable area for editing fret labels
  • Fixed layout inconsistencies with visibility of elements with text
  • Fixed issues with allowing one-string instruments


  • Fixed issue with importing configs with collection styles
  • Fixed issue with cloning collections not cloning collection styles
  • Fixed issue with resetting styles not updating the UI


  • Fixed issue with exporting diagrams


  • Removed unnecessary DLLs
  • Fixed issue with text scaling on high DPI monitors
  • Fixed issue with licenses UI
  • Fixed issue with update check failures


  • Fixed crash when trying to export diagrams


  • New WinStore build for the Microsoft Store
  • Updated to .NET 4.6.2
  • Updated SVG.NET to v2.4.3
  • Updated MVVM Light to v5.4.1.1
  • Consolidated licenses for dependencies into the UI
  • Fixed a bug with the shortcut icon not loading on some machines
  • Fixed a bug with the temporary files created during "Enhanced Copy And Drag"
  • Fixed a bug where 0% barre arc ratios made the barre disappear
  • Code cleanup and miscellaneous bug fixes


  • Can now specify which side to put fret labels in Finder results
  • Prompt to save instrument/tuning when exiting Finders
  • Can now run multiple instances as long as they're using different config files
  • Fixed bug with double-clicking to edit diagram
  • Fixed bug with adding bottom marks not using bottom mark style in editor
  • Code cleanup and miscellaneous bug fixes


  • Improved compatibility when copying a diagram to the clipboard
  • Added drag/drop functionality for managing diagrams in the library
  • Added drag/drop of diagrams directly into external apps
  • Added "Enhanced Copy And Drag" option to improve copy/drag compatibility with external apps


  • Added Major and Dominant 7th suspended chords
  • Fixed Added Tone chords
  • Fixed issue with X-shape not appearing unless the mark type was muted
  • Updating no longer downloads and runs the MSI, instead takes user to download page


  • The self-contained ChordiousPortable.exe is now available
  • Can now easily copy tunings in the Instrument Manager
  • Added context menus to the Finder results
  • Cleaned up unnecessary files


  • Can now view default instruments/tunings
  • Can now view default scales/qualities
  • Copy to clipboard now standardized across Finders and Library
  • Fixed bug where checking for updates gets old cached version


  • UI is now friendly to Narrator and other screen readers
  • Improved keyboard navigation with alt-keys for most controls, 'Enter' to open list items
  • Can now copy diagram images directly to the clipboard via context-menu and/or 'Ctrl+C', 'Ctrl+Shift+C'
  • Can now exit out of any window with the 'Esc' key
  • Improved handling of update failures
  • Fixed bug where changing text in dialogs didn't enable the 'OK' button
  • Fixed bug where closing a Finder during a long search may cause a crash later
  • Fixed automatic versioning code to remove dependency on VS extension
  • Fixed many miscellaneous string and localization bugs
  • Fixed Code Analysis warnings and issues to improve code quality and style
  • Fixed Setup warnings
  • Tidied XAML files for readability
  • Performance and reliability improvements
  • Updated Svg.NET to 2.3
  • Updated MVVMLightLibs to


  • Chord/Scale Finder searches can now be canceled with the 'Esc' key
  • Fixed bug with full barres in the Chord Finder crossing open/muted strings
  • Fixed bug with partial barres in the Chord Finder not mirroring properly
  • Fixed bug where reach wasn't calculating correctly in the Scale Finder
  • Fixed bug where scales past the 12th fret weren't found in the Scale Finder
  • Fixed bug where many scales were missed by the Scale Finder
  • Added CoreTest unit testing project
  • Added unit tests for finding where to barre in chords
  • Refactored Chord/Scale Finder code for testability added some unit tests


  • Fixed bug where diagrams would render as black boxes in some locales
  • Fixed bug where marks on the fretboard could be pushed off the bottom when resizing
  • Fixed bug where the nut was not being drawn in the correct position if the nut ratio != 2.0
  • Opacities and ratios are now presented as percentages
  • Fixed various bugs with the formatting of decimal numbers
  • Standardized install locations
  • Renamed user config to Chordious.User.xml
  • Added option to choose user config from the command-line
  • Added option to hide/disable updating functionality


  • First 2.0 official release
  • Fixed bugs in finders with missing instruments/tunings/intervals
  • Fixed miscellaneous localization bugs


  • Added mark styles to the Diagram Style Editor
  • Added mark styles to the Diagram Editor
  • Updated Diagram Mark Editor
  • Localized mark style strings
  • Rearranged the groups in the Diagram Editor
  • Some string updates


  • Added fret label styles to the Diagram Style Editor
  • Added fret label styles to the Diagram Editor
  • Updated Diagram Fret Label Editor
  • Localized fret label style strings
  • Some string updates


  • Added barre styles to the Diagram Style Editor
  • Added barre styles to the Diagram Editor
  • Updated Diagram Barre Editor
  • Localized barre style strings
  • Some string updates


  • New diagram collection selector window
  • Chord/scale finder now use collection selector
  • Can now move/copy diagrams between collections in the library
  • Rearranged diagram library context menus
  • Some icon/string updates


  • Added buttons to reset the styles of diagrams
  • Added buttons to reset the style in the style editor


  • Added license prompt to the installer
  • Added option to start Chordious after install


  • Localized majority of remaining messages, windows, labels and tooltips
  • Fixed bug with launching the style editor from Options
  • Fixed bug with double-clicking on items in rows


  • Added the new Diagram Style Editor with fully localized strings
  • Updated the Diagram Editor to use the same setup of options as the Diagram Style Editor
  • Added more tooltips to the Finders
  • Localized update prompts and other strings


  • Updated config import/export to use resource strings
  • Refactored DiagramStyle to support code re-use
  • Fixed bug with collections not saving/loading their styles
  • Added the start of the DiagramStyleEditor
  • Fixed bug where a missing user config would throw an error on startup
  • Added logic to catch if Chordious crashes during startup
  • Added logic to catch corrupt user configs and give the user the option to create a backup of the corrupt config (hopefully to be debugged later) and reset Chordious to a fresh state


  • Can now edit Finder results before saving them


  • Added new resource strings
  • Updated ChordFinderWindow to use resource strings
  • Updated ScaleFinderWindow to use resource strings


  • Added option to remember some yes/no confirmations
  • Fixed bug with true/false settings


  • New main icon!
  • New color icons and button style changes
  • Button icons now grey-out when disabled
  • Added ability to clone diagrams within a library collection
  • Added ability to scale exported image files (needs more testing)
  • Removed SharpVectors and ability to choose SVG renderer
  • Switched from Dynamic to Static resources to improve performance
  • Fixed bug in options Window with reloading options after exiting the advanced editor
  • Fixed bug in Diagram Export with filename case-sensitivity
  • Fixed bug when trying to open/close files and the last path opened doesn't exist anymore
  • Started moving hard-coded UI strings into resource files for future localization (incomplete)
  • Started adding more tooltips to items (incomplete)


  • Fixed bug with loading the diagram editor with a transparent render background


  • Resource images are now embedded
  • Fixed copyright notice formatting


  • Can now easily create copies of collections in the Library
  • Fixed crash when trying to edit the name of a Library collection and a diagram was previously selected
  • Other minor bug-fixes


  • Fixed a bug where the first time a user runs Chordious they get a STAThread error
  • Other minor bug-fixes


  • Custom user instruments, tunings, chord qualities, and scales are all now clearly separated from the default built-in ones in editors
  • Lists of such items are now all sorted alphabetically
  • You can now have tunings, chord qualities, and scales with the same names but different other attributes (ie. two different Open G tunings, two different Dominant 11th variants)


  • Added prompt for barre width when adding barres (can now support shorter barres)
  • Fixed bug where resizing diagram doesn't respect existing barres


  • New DiagramBarredEditor lets you customize barre styles in the DiagramEditor
  • Added F5 to "refresh" the DiagramEditor
  • Fixed multiple bugs related to creating/editing barres


  • Added F5 to "refresh" the Finders
  • New DiagramFretLabelEditor lets you customize fret label styles in the DiagramEditor
  • Fixed issues when selecting the wrong marks/fret labels in the editor
  • Other minor bugfixes


  • Added metadata to exported images
  • Default config import/export is now the Desktop, and is now persisted
  • Other bugfixes


  • New DiagramMarkEditor lets you customize mark styles in the DiagramEditor
  • Launch via right-click menu or double-click
  • Improved color selection (choose by name, 3-digit RGB or 6-digit RGB)
  • Improved font selection (auto-complete and custom)
  • Refactoring dropdown choices into ObservableEnums
  • Better error handling in DiagramEditor
  • Many core bugfixes and improvements around colors, marks, and fret labels


  • Added better error messages for Chordious exceptions
  • Removed all dependency on MessageBox.Show
  • Added a new error dialog that exposes details for bug filing
  • Added a new confirmation dialog
  • Added a new information dialog


  • Implemented basic config import / export
  • Moved legacy ChordLine import into Options
  • Can now selectively load / save only parts of ConfigFiles


  • Fixed issue #10, Chordious allows multiple instances, which means config file contention


  • Fixed issue #9, chord qualities with repeating notes now work as expected
  • Fixed issue #11, where Diagram Export overwrites files as they're made
  • Added context menus and double-click to edit on items in the Library, Quality/Scale Managers, and the Instrument Manager


  • Fixed issue #8, where the finders sometimes send the wrong quality/scale


  • Fixed ChordFinder to not assume the first note in a chord quality is the root
  • Added a bunch of new chord qualities


  • Fixed issue #7, deselect diagrams when changing the selected library node
  • Added button to add new diagrams to a collection directly
  • Added options to specify the default strings and frets for new diagrams
  • Fixed options window resizing and scroll bars
  • Miscellaneous Core fixes


  • Fixed issue #3, exported image filenames are now cleaned before export
  • Fixed issue #4, diagram export settings are remembered
  • Fixed issue #6, missing directories are created when exporting images


  • Fixed issue #5, where the chord finder would accidentally try to determine if a muted string was a root note


  • Removed settings search defaults in the Options window
  • Added buttons to clear search defaults in the Options window
  • Added Diminished 7th and Augmented 7th chord qualities


  • Changing the default instruments / tunings in Options now sets the buffer as dirty so you can save the changes
  • Can now save your search parameters in the Finders as the new defaults
  • Can now reset the search parameters in the Finders to the defaults


  • For left/right diagrams, the mouse will now map to the correct coordinates
  • Horizontally oriented diagrams now render mark text and fret labels properly


  • Added tooltip to explain export filename format
  • Switched to dropdown to select from multiple filename formats


  • Added a new DiagramExport dialog


  • Bug: Can't scroll lists of diagrams with the mouse wheel
  • Replaced diagram edit button with double-click


  • First 1.9 preview release
  • Search for chords with the improved Chord Finder (supports custom chord types!)
  • Search for scales with the new Scale Finder (supports custom scale types!)
  • Add your own custom instruments and tunings
  • Save and maintain your collections of diagrams in the new Diagram Library (incomplete)
  • Import your Classic Chordious ChordLine documents
  • Export your diagrams as SVG, JPG, or PNG images (incomplete)
  • Rich Diagram Editor (incomplete)
  • Quick and easy installer
  • Built-in automatic updates!