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This source code is provided for educational purposes only.  It is
a written description of how certain voice encoding/decoding
algorythims could be implemented.  Executable objects compiled or
derived from this package may be covered by one or more patents.
Readers are strongly advised to check for any patent restrictions or
licencing requirements before compiling or using this source code.

What is it?

libaeroambe is an mini-m decoder library.


This project would not have been possible without some talented individuals contributing their time.

Sylvain Munaut

Many thanks go out to Sylvain Munaut for his help, support, and expertise in reverse engineering codecs.

mbelib Author

Many thanks go out to "mbelib Author" whose code was invaluable.

The others

I'd also like to send many thanks to those who prefer not to be mentioned. I'm very impressed with what you have accomplished.

How to compile it?

You will need CMake to compile what's in the mbelib-master directory and Qt for what's in the libaeroambe directory. For Windows, MSYS2 is useful for installing Qt, Cmake, mingw64 etc.

Depending on your OS and your set up compiling that will vary but generally you will go into the mbelib-master directory. Then type...

mkdir build                         # Create build directory
cd build                            # Move to build directory
cmake ..                            # Create Makefile for current system
make                                # Compiles the library
sudo make install                   # Library is installed into computer (optional)

Once that is done you need to use Qt to compile the shared library. This too will vary on your setup but generally you will go into the libaeroambe subdirectory and type the following...

qmake                               # Create the makefile
make                                # Compiles the library

You may need to alter some of the paths in the pro file to be able to compile successfully.

Have a look at the wiki for guides if you're wanting to compile Window or Linux binaries.



A formal description of a mini-m decoder library






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