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Version 0.3.101129.1 - Jonathan Tsai <>
- Added this CHANGELOG
- Slightly improved Makefile with additional targets
- Added a MANIFEST file for resources, so as not to have to keep adding resources as valid webserver requests manually in the Python code
- Separated files into js/, css/, img/ directories
- Escape song filenames in JavaScript (files with ampersand & were broken)
- Probably some other stuff... mind is failing after coding for 12 hours
UI Changes:
- Changed playlist to YUI 2 Datatable <>, along with sortable, drag and drop columns
- Added song filter using YUI 2 AutoComplete <>
- Added alternate row striping, pretty!
- Previous/Next still broken
- "Playing" column is too wide
Version 0.3.101127.1 - Jonathan Tsai <>
- Realized I was working off an older plugin archive from the launchpad, and didn't have seek function and other features
- Added a Makefile to build httpserver.exz package and do some basic cleanup
UI Changes:
- Re-integrated seek function, prototype.js, prefs
- Previous/Next still broken
Version 0.3 - Jonathan Tsai <>
- 2010 Thanksgiving holiday, enter scene: me!
- Exaile HTTP Server plugin has been broken for a while now! First new development in 2 years
- Provided wrapper for Exaile 0.3
- Upgraded calls to new API (old one was obsolete)
- Created GitHub project! <>
- Changed the rudimentary polling (if refresh did not clear for some reason, client in browser would get stuck) to a request-window + delay based refresh, and ignore responses for older requests if newer ones were already processed (unlikely scenario with a serial web server)
UI Changes:
- Add hover color
- Add Shuffle, Repeat, Dynamic playlist buttons (and corresponding toggle backend functions)
- Previous and Next don't work; they cause the client to flip out and skip songs repeatedly after playing for only a few seconds. Only way to quit is to kill Exaile client
Version 0.1 - Mathieu Virbel <>
- First version, around 2007 written by Mathieu Virbel <>