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Hacking In The Dark

A light-on-dark hacker enthusiast theme for Jekyll + Jekyll-BootStrap. Uses YUI CSS and JavaScript


Jonathan Tsai

This is the theme that I use to power my personal website (

By sharing this theme, I hope to benefit others whenever I add features that extend the functionality of Jekyll-Bootstrap. I believe in code modularity and robustness.


I've added lots of interesting customizations that only require making changes to the _config.yml file, and the theme templates take care of the rest.

Here's what's supported now, with more on the way:

  • Customized Navigation Links - choose which pages show up in your navigation menu
  • Customized Footer Links
  • Social Media Sites - Pull in a lot of content from social media sites just by adding your profile
  • Custom credits - easily thank other developers or useful websites by linking to them

Custom Navigation and Footer Links

You can add navlinks and footerlinks to customize the navigation links and footer links. For example:

navlinks :
    url : '/index.html'
    title : Home
    url : '/about.html'
    title : About
    url : '/code.html'
    title : Code

    url : '/pages.html'
    title : Pages
    url : '/categories.html'
    title : Categories
    url : '/tags.html'
    title : Tags
    url : '/archive.html'
    title : Archive

You can also customize credits (shoutouts, thank-yous) by adding a credits node.

I gave a shoutout to Jekyll and Jekyll-Bootstrap, and my hosting and DNS providers, Linode and FreeDNS

credits :
    pre_text : 'Powered by'
    url : ''
    link_text : Jekyll
    pre_text : 'with help from'
    url : ''
    link_text : 'Jekyll Bootstrap'
    link_title : 'The Definitive Jekyll Blogging Framework'
    post_text : '.'
    pre_text : ''
    url :
    link_text : 'Linode'
    post_text : '.'
    pre_text : ''
    url : ''
    link_text : FreeDNS
    post_text : '.'

Social Media Profiles and Links

For now, the ones that are supported are:

  • (about page)
  • GitHub (fork me banner on top-right)
  • Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Flickr (icon on bottom)
  • Feedburner (RSS icon)
  • Olark (website chat widget)

Add the social profile identities right under author: name and author: email like so:

author :
  name : YOUR_NAME
  aboutme : USERNAME
  github : USERNAME
  twitter : USERNAME
  linkedin : USERNAME
  facebook : USERNAME
  feedburner : USERNAME
  flickr : USERNAME
  olark : OLARK_CODE

Make your own Themes

Follow the instructions here!

After the theme is set up, one easy command to package it for publishing!

$ rake theme:package name="THEME-NAME"


Light on dark theme for Jekyll + Jekyll Bootstrap







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