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Atom package for TidalCycles
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TidalCycles plugin for Atom

TidalCycles is a live-coding pattern language

For installation instructions, please visit:

Then, you can:

  • Open a .tidal file

  • shift+enter to evaluate the current line or selection

  • cmd+enter to evaluate multiple-lines or selection

To send patterns to SuperDirt, use d1 .. d9, e.g.:

d1 $ sound "bd cp"

Configurable Boot Options

By default, Atom will use a default Tidal bootup sequence that doesn't really do anything special other than create the d1..d9 and c1..c9 Dirt connections.

If you'd like to provide a path to your own custom boot file on your computer, use the Boot Tidal Path setting to do so.

Further, if you'd like Atom to locate a BootTidal.hs file in the current directory, check the Use Boot File In Current Directory option.

Boot file order of precedence:

  1. Current directory BootTidal.hs
  2. Custom Boot Tidal Path
  3. Default bootup provided by the package

Sample Default Boot File

If you create your own boot file, you may start with the default:

:set -XOverloadedStrings
:set prompt ""
:set prompt-cont ""

import Sound.Tidal.Context

-- total latency = oLatency + cFrameTimespan
tidal <- startTidal (superdirtTarget {oLatency = 0.1, oAddress = "", oPort = 57120}) (defaultConfig {cFrameTimespan = 1/20})

let p = streamReplace tidal
let hush = streamHush tidal
let list = streamList tidal
let mute = streamMute tidal
let unmute = streamUnmute tidal
let solo = streamSolo tidal
let unsolo = streamUnsolo tidal
let once = streamOnce tidal False
let asap = streamOnce tidal True
let nudgeAll = streamNudgeAll tidal
let setcps = asap . cps
let xfade = transition tidal (Sound.Tidal.Transition.xfadeIn 4)
let xfadeIn t = transition tidal (Sound.Tidal.Transition.xfadeIn t)
let histpan t = transition tidal (Sound.Tidal.Transition.histpan t)
let wait t = transition tidal (Sound.Tidal.Transition.wait t)
let waitT f t = transition tidal (Sound.Tidal.Transition.waitT f t)
let jump = transition tidal (Sound.Tidal.Transition.jump)
let jumpIn t = transition tidal (Sound.Tidal.Transition.jumpIn t)
let jumpIn' t = transition tidal (Sound.Tidal.Transition.jumpIn' t)
let jumpMod t = transition tidal (Sound.Tidal.Transition.jumpMod t)
let mortal lifespan release = transition tidal (Sound.Tidal.Transition.mortal lifespan release)
let interpolate = transition tidal (Sound.Tidal.Transition.interpolate)
let interpolateIn t = transition tidal (Sound.Tidal.Transition.interpolateIn t)
let clutch = transition tidal (Sound.Tidal.Transition.clutch)
let clutchIn t = transition tidal (Sound.Tidal.Transition.clutchIn t)
let anticipate = transition tidal (Sound.Tidal.Transition.anticipate)
let anticipateIn t = transition tidal (Sound.Tidal.Transition.anticipateIn t)
let d1 = p "1"
let d2 = p "2"
let d3 = p "3"
let d4 = p "4"
let d5 = p "5"
let d6 = p "6"
let d7 = p "7"
let d8 = p "8"
let d9 = p "9"
let d10 = p "10"
let d11 = p "11"
let d12 = p "12"
let d13 = p "13"
let d14 = p "14"
let d15 = p "15"
let d16 = p "16"

:set prompt "tidal> "


If you'd like to contribute to this package, here are some guidelines:

JavaScript Formatting

A .jsbeautifyfc file is used to define JavaScript formatting settings. Please use a beautifier package (we recommend atom-beautify) to format your changes with these settings.

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