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Single-header library for simple HTTP requests
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Single-header library for simple HTTP requests

This library does simple HTTP requests, with custom headers if desired. It's designed to be as easy to integrate as possible.

It has two implementations, one for winsock and another one for BSD sockets, so it should work directly on Windows, OSX and Linux.

Note that this library hasn't been battle-tested yet, so use at your own risk.


  • Chunked and gzipped transport are not implemented, and neither is HTTPS. Thus, this library is limited to work in the HTTP 1.0 subset, and it still doesn't implement the whole standard. Only just enough to get by.

Example use

Without error checking, a simple ping request (for analytics, for example) would be done like this:

jvh_env env;

jvh_response r;
jvh_simple_get(&env, "", "80", "/analytics?ID=11111", &r));
if(r.status_code != 200){
	// Something went wrong!

A more complete example that prints the response body:

#define RESPONSE_SIZE 2048
jvh_error err;
jvh_env env;
jvh_response r;
jvh_simple_get(&env, "", "80", "/", &r);
char buf[RESPONSE_SIZE + 1];
int bytes_read;
jvh_recv_chunk(&r, buf, RESPONSE_SIZE, &bytes_read);
while(bytes_read != 0) {
    buf[bytes_read] = 0;
    printf("%s", buf);
    jvh_recv_chunk(&r, buf, RESPONSE_SIZE, &bytes_read);

You can find a complete test inside the library itself.

To build the test case in Windows, do:

cl.exe -D JV_HTTP_TEST -TC "jv_http.h" -link

On Unix systems (Linux, OSX, etc) with GCC, do:

 gcc -D JV_HTTP_TEST -x c jv_http.h

This will produce a test program that downloads a url and prints it to stdout.

All comments and improvements are welcome.

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