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Insight.Database.Schema is a simple schema management tool for .NET projects to use with SQL Server.

It uses the SQL Server Management Objects (SQL-SMO) to automatically detect changes in your database schema and apply the appropriate changes. Developers can write their SQL code in SQL, and use the engine to automatically deploy the changes. This works great in team environments where multiple people are editing the schema at the same time. You don't have to worry about diffs or upgrades. Insight.Database.Schema handles (most of) the changes automatically.

The NuGetProject is here!

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BTW - Insight.Database.Schema works REALLY well with Insight.Database.

Getting Started


Revision History


Insight.Database.Schema was...

  • Originally written against SQL Server 2005.
  • Rewritten against SQL Server 2008.
  • Currently developed against SQL Server 2012 and SQL Azure.
  • Probably compatible with SQL Server 2014.

Pull requests for other support will be happily accepted.

Advanced & Other Stuff