Port of the ruby ffaker project to .NET, with the original ruby tests also ported to .NET. Supports mono.
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As much as possible, a line-for-line port of ffaker for ruby (https://github.com/EmmanuelOga/ffaker).

Relies on ideas taken from Rob Conery's and Jon Wingfield's excellent sugar library (https://github.com/jonwingfield/sugar). I have just taken the idea to minimize the assembly's dependencies.

Supports .NET Framework and Mono.


nant build

nant build -D:mode=Debug


There is a project in the solution named Faker.Net.NUnit.Tests that uses the relevant ffaker tests written in Ruby to test the .NET code.

NAnt command to run unit-tests

nant test

nant test -D:mode=Debug

Cleaning build output

nant clean

nant clean -D:mode=Debug


This is my first open source project, so any and all feedback/pull requests are welcomed and requested.