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A nodejs script that allows you to watch a folder for changes and compile the less css files into another folder.
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Dead Simple LESS CSS Watch Compiler

A command that watches folders(and subfolders) for file changes and automatically compile the less css files into css. This is a file system watcher and compiler.

Parts of this script is modified from Mikeal Rogers's watch script (


Install LESS ( and make sure the lessc binary is accessible to the script. Installing LESS with the -g(global) flag will make the binary accessible to your system.

(sudo) npm install -g less


Install the less-watch-compiler command globally.

(sudo) npm install -g less-watch-compiler



Example #1

less-watch-compiler tests/less tests/css

The above command will watch the tests/less folder and compile the LESS CSS files into tests/css folder as soon as they are added/updated.

Example #2

Add less-watch-compiler.config.json as follows in your project folder

    "defaults": {
        "watchFolder": "tests/less",
        "outputFolder": "tests/css"

The above will do the same as in example 1. But you can just run the following without passing the folders everytime.



  • By default, this script only compiles files with .less extension. More file extensions can be added by modifying the allowedExtensions array in config.json.
  • Files that start with underscores _style.css or period .style.css are ignored. This behavior can be changed in the filterFiles() function.
  • Github location:

Using the source files

Alternativelly, you can checkout the code nad run things locally like this:

node less-watch-compiler.js [options]

To run unit tests: npm test (see tests/test.js)

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