This is a repository for code related to WeatherCurrents, a 2016 art installation for the Currents New Media Festival.
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Weather Currents is an algorithmic art installation in development for the 2016 Currents New Media festival in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Weather Currents draws on various ideas from computer science, including: A.I., data mining, automata theory, information recognition, genetic algorithms, and data visualization. This repo is a work in progress. Contributions toward its goals are greatly appreciated. Below are general headers for the active sub-projects/goals.

  • Ambient environments: weathering via automata.
    • BlinkyLights
    • color sampling
    • regionalization
    • genetic algorithms
    • Weather
      • curl NDFD database
      • visualization
      • stabilize with rescue
  • Distributed Computation
    • Parallelize crawlers and automata
      • crawlers to their own processor
      • compile regionally computed automata
      • calculate color_spaces for deciding automata rules
      • send a .jpg to an Intel Galileo for display
    • Is is efficient to look up a .jpg via an Intel Galileo?
  • Color-forager design
    • color_samplers and color_crawler class

    * check marks denote sub-projects with ANY work already migrated to this repo.

    See the wiki above for system specifications