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Programming examples

Subsequent chapters present how to send and receive messages through Jasmin :doc:`/apis/ja-http/index` and some more advanced use cases, such as manipulating receipts and complex routings, will look like.

It is assumed the reader has already installed Jasmin and at least read the :doc:`/apis/ja-http/index` and :doc:`/routing/index` chapters and knows enough about Jasmin's architecture/design concepts.

Sending SMS

Sending a SMS is done through the :doc:`/apis/ja-http/index`:

.. literalinclude:: /apis/ja-http/
   :language: python


.. literalinclude:: /apis/ja-http/example_send_gsm0338.php
   :language: php

In Ruby:

.. literalinclude:: /apis/ja-http/example_send_gsm0338.rb
   :language: ruby

c.f. :doc:`/apis/ja-http/index` for more details about sending SMS with receipt enquiry, long content etc ...

Receiving SMS

Receiving a SMS is done through the :doc:`/apis/ja-http/index`, this a PHP script pointed by Jasmin for every received SMS (using routing):

.. literalinclude:: example_receive.php
   :language: php

In the above example, there's an error handling where the message is not ACKed if there's a database connection problem, if it occurs, the script will return "Error connecting to DB" when Jasmin HTTP thrower is waiting for a "ACL/Jasmin", this will lead to a message re-queue and later re-delivery to the same script, this behaviour is explained in :ref:`deliverSmHttpThrower_process`.

Another example of an interactive SMS application:

.. literalinclude:: example_receive_send.php
   :language: php

c.f. :doc:`/apis/ja-http/index` for more details.


c.f. :ref:`morouter_manager` and :ref:`mtrouter_manager` for routing scenarios. c.f. :doc:`/routing/index` for details about routing.