Composer/packagist package containing Selenium Server Standalone for system tests
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810 Release v3.0.14 (#70)

* Move or deprecate internal classes in java client
* Introduce basic JPMS support. This is experimental.
* The browser name of the Safari Tech Preview is not "safari" but
  "Safari Technology Preview". Who knew?
* Deprecated our own `Clock` interface for `java.time.Clock`
* Completely removed the GSON dependency. We now use reflection to try
  and find the class.
* Tiny clean up to try and make Grid a little more performant.
* Added new capabilities for safari driver: automaticInspection and
  automaticProfiling (#6095) This commit is from the "Fix a Bug,
  Become a Committer" workshop held at SeConf India.
* Removed support for geckodriver 0.13. It is time.
* Adding High Sierra to the platform set. Fixes #5969
* Enriching Hub Status to include Node info (#6127)
* Fixing potential Zip Slip Vulnerability, see
* Allow temporary installation of FF extension (#1) (#5751)
* Fix windowSize option in Firefox in Javascript (#6075)
* Make ConnectionType searilize as integer (#6176)
* Pass found elements to the EventListener's afterFind method (#6191)
* Add native events under se:ieOptions. (#6183)
Latest commit 2939723 Aug 19, 2018


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Composer distribution of Selenium Server Standalone, the browser automation framework.


Release numbers are synchronised with the Selenium versions. Version of this release is v3.14.0

Selenium Changelog:

Original jar files and checksums:


  • Google Chrome version 2.41
  • Internet Explorer 32-bit version 3.14.0
  • Internet Explorer 64-bit version 3.14.0
  • Microsoft Edge version 17.17134
  • Microsoft Edge Insiders version
  • Firefox Gecko / Marionette Driver version 0.21


Inside your composer-powered project

composer require joomla-projects/selenium-server-standalone


composer install

The command composer install will make the selenium executable from inside bin.


$ vendor/bin/selenium-server-standalone

Arguments are supported.

$ vendor/bin/selenium-server-standalone -port 4445

To shut down Selenium you can visit:


Usage with PHP

If you want to launch Selenium from a PHP application, you could use the Selenium class.

$selenium = new Selenium(array('browser' => 'chrome', 'insider' => false, 'selenium_params' => array()));

Possible values for browser are chrome|firefox|MicrosoftEdge|internet explorer If you are in the Windows Insider program, you would need the edge-insiders browser. So set the insider flag to true.


This project was forked from the original

Thanks to the Selenium Project