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0. Metadata
Copyright: Copyright (C) 2005 - 2012 Open Source Matters, Inc. All rights reserved.
License: GNU General Public License version 2 or later; see LICENSE.txt
1. Copyright and disclaimer
This application is opensource software released under the GPL. Please
see source code and the LICENSE file
2. Changelog
This is a non-exhaustive (but still near complete) changelog for
Joomla! 1.6 automated tests, including alpha and beta versions.
Our thanks to all those people who've contributed bug reports and
code fixes.
* -> Security Fix
# -> Bug Fix
$ -> Language fix or change
+ -> Addition
^ -> Change
- -> Removed
! -> Note
26-Sep-2012 Mark Dexter
# Fix a few more system tests
20-Sep-2012 Mark Dexter
# Fix some more system tests
17-Sep-2012 Mark Dexter
# Fix up system tests output changes
09-Sep-2012 Rouven Weßling
- Test the Feed package. Thanks Michael.
- Add a test for JAdministratorHelper.
05-Sep-2012 Mark Dexter
# Fix some failing system tests for changes in master
# Select old sample data in doInstall
02-Sep-2012 Mark Dexter
# Yet another fix for reorder mouse movement in controlpanel0004Test
01-Sep-2012 Mark Dexter
# Fix reorder mouse movement in controlpanel0004Test
01-Sep-2012 Rouven Weßling
- Removed the xx-XX testing language.
29-Aug-2012 Mark Dexter
# Fix controlPanel0004Test system test
29-Aug-2012 Rouven Weßling
+ Import unit tests for JHtmlBatch from the platform.
25-Aug-2012 Mark Dexter
+ Unit test framework for CMS. Thanks Michael.
20-Aug-2012 Rouven Weßling
+ Add setup for unit testing. Thanks Michael.
24-Aug-2012 Mark Dexter
# Fix first batch of system tests for 3.0 with Bootstrap templates
# Fix two more system tests
30-Jul-2012 Mark Dexter
^ Add ability to capture screenshots on failure for system tests
09-Jul-2012 Mark Dexter
^ Detect notices in modals and popups
05-Jul-2012 Mark Dexter
# Fix installation to chmod configuration before delete
30-Jun-2012 Mark Dexter
# More fixes for Selenium RC2 -- don't use TinyMCE for tests
26-Jun-2012 Mark Dexter
# Fixes for Selenium RC2 and Google Chrome browser
18-Jun-2012 Mark Dexter
^ Update phpunit.php for debugging system tests
05-May-2012 Mark Dexter
^ Update phpunit.php for PHPUnit version 3.5
04-May-2012 Mark Dexter
# Fix PHP strict error
02-May-2012 Mark Dexter
^ Change system test suite to work with PHPUnit version 3.6
# Fix doInstall for PHP strict error
12-Apr-2012 Mark Dexter
# Fix hard-coded version number in system test
10-Feb-2012 Mark Dexter
# Clear cache after system tests
+ Add Module0002 test
17-Jan-2012 Mark Dexter
# Fix failing system tests for sample data changes
16-Jan-2012 Mark Dexter
# Fix failing system test for Control Panel change
21-Dec-2011 Mark Dexter
# Fix failing system test for sample data change
18-Dec-2011 Mark Dexter
# Change link name for read private messages
16-Dec-2011 Mark Dexter
# Fix failing system tests (for menu type changes in trunk)
12-Nov-2011 Mark Dexter
+ Added system test to test modals in front-end article edit
06-Nov-2011 Mark Dexter
# Fix failing system test (for db17 branch)
25-Oct-2011 Mark Dexter
# Fix failing system test due to module removal
26-Sep-2011 Mark Dexter
+ Added system test for path disclosure security issue
+ Added system test for installation in a non-default language
12-Sep-2011 Mark Dexter
# Fix system test for change in sample data module positions
23-Aug-2011 Mark Dexter
# Fix system test for h3 tag change
09-Jul-2011 Mark Dexter
# Fix system test for changed message
06-Jul-2011 Mark Dexter
^ Force test db prefix to jos_
04-Jul-2011 Mark Dexter
# Fix failing system test
28-Jun-2011 Mark Dexter
# Fix system tests for issue 23125
27-Jun-2011 Mark Dexter
+ Add security0001Test to test some xss fixes
20-Jun-2011 Mark Dexter
# Fix unit test JFilterInput to run correctly
06-Jun-2011 Mark Dexter
# Fix doInstall for AJAX changes made to installation screens
^ Modify SeleniumJoomlaTestCase to check for PHP warnings as well as notices
30-May-2011 Mark Dexter
# Fix failing system test from change in bluestork template
17-May-2011 Christophe Demko
# [#25894] *Fatal Error: JDocumentFeed disabled (Jean-Marie Simonet)
14-May-2011 Christophe Demko
# [#25772] Librairie JDate translates month and day strings for RFC822 format which is not correct
04-May-2011 Mark Dexter
# Fix redirect test
18-Apr-2011 Mark Dexter
+ System test for redirect component
02-Apr-2011 Mark Dexter
# Fix doInstall to set error reporting to Maximum
31-Mar-2011 Mark Dexter
+ [#22618] Automated ACL system test to test manage permission (Tim Plummer)
23-Mar-2011 Mark Dexter
# [#25359] Fix failing unit test for JDocumentRenderRSS
16-Mar-2011 Mark Dexter
# [#25286] Fix failing unit test for JDocument (Rouven Weßling)
# [#25301] Xcache can not be tested using phpunit (Rouven Weßling)
# [#25348] Add more unit tests for JURI (Rouven Weßling)
18-Feb-2011 Mark Dexter
# Fix failing system tests for "published" language change, 404 error change, Save & Close ACL modal change
# Fix failing system tests for id changes made in [#24947]
26-Jan-2011 Mark Dexter
# Fix failing system test
11-Jan-2011 Mark Dexter
# Fix problems with acl0001Test
10-Jan-2011 Mark Dexter
# Fix failing system tests
07-Jan-2011 Mark Dexter
# Fix failing system test
02-Jan-2011 Christophe Demko
# Correcting unit test since commit #20076
03-Jan-2011 Mark Dexter
# Fix problem with unit tests with mysqli driver
02-Jan-2011 Mark Dexter
# Fixed failing system tests
# Fixed failing JUserHelperTest
02-Jan-2011 Christophe Demko
+ Added test for 3rd parameter to JRegistry::loadFile
17-Dec-2010 Ian MacLennan
+ Added test for JToolbar::addButtonPath
14-Dec-2010 Mark Dexter
# Check that menu item type displays when editing a menu item
14-Dec-2010 Christophe Demko
# Add firstDay metadata in unit tests
11-Dec-2010 Christophe Demko
# [#22648] function isCompatible incorrectly checks current version (Mark Dexter)
08-Dec-2010 Mark Dexter
# Fix failing sample_data0001Test.php
^ Add option to doInstall.php to set hathor as default admin template
06-Dec-2010 Christophe Demko
# Test coverage for the JArrayHelper::fromObject method
04-Dec-2010 Christophe Demko
# Test coverage for automatic generated field name
30-Nov-2010 Mark Dexter
# Fix failing JStringTest and JArrayHelperTest due to locale settings
# Skip some string sort tests if MAC OS
27-Nov-2010 Mark Dexter
# Improved test coverage for JUserTest
17-Nov-2010 Mark Dexter
# Fix doInstall to allow selection of different database types
^ Added two methods to JFolderTest (Christophe Demoko) as part of [#22484]
15-Nov-2010 Mark Dexter
# Fix failing system test for sample data changes
05-Nov-2010 Mark Dexter
# Fix failing system tests for ACL language changes
# Unit test for [#22444] JRegistry fails when binding an object which contains a JRegistry object
01-Nov-2010 Mark Dexter
# Fix doInstall so it can be run against a different Joomla! instance
# Small fix for featured0001Test due to default ordering in Featured Articles Manager
30-Oct-2010 Mark Dexter
# Remove tests/system/server/configdef.php file accidentally added to version control
29-Oct-2010 Mark Dexter
# Fix problem in controlpanel004Test for small change in category ui
28-Oct-2010 Mark Dexter
# Fix bugs in menu0001Test from new template position modal
22-Oct-2010 Mark Dexter
# Fix bug in JAccessTest and JAccess class when invalid group id is checked
+ Add unit tests for JSession
14-Oct-2010 Mark Dexter
+ article0003Test added to test effect of up-path category state on article menu items
# fix bug in controlpanel0004Test
12-Oct-2010 Mark Dexter
# Fix multiple system tests for ACL UI changes
# Fix problem in language0001test.php from Category Manager UI change
10-Oct-2010 Mark Dexter
^ Added option in configdef.php and doInstall.php to install without sample data
09-Oct-2010 Mark Dexter
^ Changed JAccessTest to provide 100% code coverage
08-Oct-2010 Mark Dexter
^ Changed JAccessTest to use test.xml data instead of database data and added testCheckGroup method
15-Sep-2010 Mark Dexter
# [#22419] Fixes for Language0001 System Test (Thanks Matt Thomas)
# Fixed restoreDefaultGlobalPermissions method in SeleniumJoomlaTestCase
# Fixed problem in controlpanel0005 from sample data change
01-Sep-2010 Mark Dexter
+ Added JDatabaseQueryElementTest
01-Sep-2010 Ian MacLennan
+ Added JUser::save test
30-Aug-2010 Mark Dexter
^ Improved documentation for JUserHelper unit tests (Thanks Niels Braczek!)
29-Aug-2010 Mark Dexter
+ [#20726] Unit tests for JUserHelper
+ [#22021] ACL System Tests
28-Aug-2010 Ian MacLennan
# Fixed errors in tests and added mocks to deal with some failures properly
26-Aug-2010 Ian MacLennan
+ Added unit test for JFormRuleEmail
20-Aug-2010 Mark Dexter
# Fix control_panel0004Test for category formatting changes
06-Aug-2010 Mark Dexter
^ Added new var to configdef.php to allow doInstall to set caching to different values
22-Jul-2010 Mark Dexter
# Fix control_panel0004Test and add new acl003Test (Matt Thomas)
16-Jul-2010 Mark Dexter
# Fix controlpanel0002 for button change
# Eliminate second doInstall in TestSuite (no longer needed)
14-Jul-2010 Mark Dexter
# [#21236] PHP System Tests for Tracker Item 20836 Capitalization of "toolbar-popup-Popup"
# [#21312] PHP System Test to check error messages associated with actions performed when nothing is selected
# Update TestSuite for new test
# Add language0001Test from [#21312]
13-Jul-2010 Mark Dexter
# Fix SeleniumJoomlaTestCase to report PHP notices
# System test for [#21083] Category List menu link to unpublished category gives error
12-Jul-2010 Mark Dexter
# Fix failing system test for sample data changes
# Update controlpanel0004Test for [#21196] Save order disk not disabled when not in ordering sort
11-Jul-2010 Mark Dexter
# Add group0002 test to suite
# Clean up system tests for sample data changes
05-Jul-2010 Mark Dexter
# Fix system tests for sample data changes
# Improvements to test methods (Matt Thomas)
04-Jul-2010 Mark Dexter
# Fix failing system tests (turn off caching, adjust for language changes)
01-Jul-2010 Mark Dexter
# Fix problems with system test acl0001Test (Matt Thomas)
# Fix problems running JElement unit tests stand-alone
30-Jun-2010 Mark Dexter
# Fix failing system tests
# Fix system tests for uncategorised category changes
28-Jun-2010 Mark Dexter
# Fix failing system test
+ Added tests for JInstaller
27-Jun-2010 Mark Dexter
# Fix failing system tests from [#20372] toggle name change
26-Jun-2010 Ian MacLennan
+ Added JInstaller test
# Improved JError handling in JoomlaTestCase
25-Jun-2010 Mark Dexter
# Fix failing JForm test in Windows (hard-coded '/')
# Fix failing JFilterOutputTest (when running stand-alone)
24-Jun-2010 Ian MacLennan
# Fixed intermittently failing unit test
# Added some JInstaller unit tests
23-Jun-2010 Ian MacLennan
+ Added unit tests for JAdapter, JAdapterInstance and one for JObject
# Fixed unit tests that were breaking because mocks were not getting properly injected
# Fixed JCache unit tests to supply storage handler to accomodate behaviour change (thanks Klas)
22-Jun-2010 Mark Dexter
# Added test fixes for failing system tests on Hudson server
22-Jun-2010 Ian MacLennan
# Added unit tests for JDocument
20-Jun-2010 Mark Dexter
# [#20735] JMailHelper unit tests
19-Jun-2010 Mark Dexter
+ New system test featured0002test to test ordering down columns
+ New methods in SeleniumJoomlaTestCase for toggling featured and published in Article Manager
12-Jun-2010 Mark Dexter
# Fix failing featured0001Test
08-Jun-2010 Mark Dexter
^ Refactor methods in SeleniumJoomlaTestCase (Matt Thomas)
# Fix system test errors
^ Refactor menu0001Test to remove sleep statements
07-Jun-2010 Sam Moffatt
# Fixed incorrect metadata in package sample
07-Jun-2010 Mark Dexter
+ New system test for featured blog ordering
# Clean up doc blocks for system tests
04-Jun-2010 Mark Dexter
^ Improvements to SeleniumJoomlaTestCase. (Matt Thomas)
30-May-2010 Mark Dexter
# JLanguageTest fixes and improvements. Thanks Tudor Mazilu!
28-May-2010 Mark Dexter
# Fix broken acl0001Test.php system test
27-May-2010 Mark Dexter
# Fix broken doInstall.php system test
25-May-2010 Mark Dexter
# Fix broken system tests (Matt Thomas)
19-May-2010 Mark Dexter
# Fix system test for template change
17-May-2010 Mark Dexter
# Fix up system tests for core changes
# Fix sample data test
27-Apr-2010 Mark Dexter
# Fix up system tests for language changes (Matt Thomas)
^ Add doInstall to TestSuite
# Fix acl001 for branch language change
20-Apr-2010 Mark Dexter
^ Add __call method in SeleniumJoomlaTestCase to check for PHP notices
^ Add getTraceFiles method in SeleniumJoomlaTestCase to clean up error reporting
^ Modify tests to use getTraceFiles
19-Apr-2010 Mark Dexter
^ Add checkNotices() method in SeleniumJoomlaTestCase
^ Implement checkNotices method in com_users tests
18-Apr-2010 Mark Dexter
+ New acltest (thank you Matt Thomas)
^ New methods in SeleniumJoomlaTestCase (thank you Matt Thomas)
17-Apr-2010 Mark Dexter
# Minor fix on ControlPanel0004 for language change
16-Apr-2010 Mark Dexter
+ New test for JParameter merge to test merge bug with integer 0
15-Apr-2010 Mark Dexter
# Fix up some changed language strings
# Fix doFrontendLogin to use config
+ Add test for edit icons in front page and article layouts
12-Apr-2010 Mark Dexter
^ Change control_panel0004 test to test category reorder after category move
08-Apr-2010 Mark Dexter
^ Change doInstall.php to detect failure to install sample data
05-Apr-2010 Mark Dexter
+ Add phpunit.php files to system and unit folders to enable test debugging
04-Apr-2010 Mark Dexter
^ Finish JString unit tests
^ Fix up code coverage for JString unit tests
31-Mar-2010 Mark Dexter
# Minor fixes to control panel tests for changed wording on menus
27-Mar-2010 Mark Dexter
# Fix bug in doInstall.php
26-Mar-2010 Mark Dexter
# Change menu0001Test.php to reflect new id in Module Edit
16-Mar-2010 Mark Dexter
# Adjusted tests for changes in core
+ Added new method to count verification errors
^ Improved message for verification errors to show file and line number
12-Mar 2010 Mark Dexter
^ Added new methods to SeleniumJoomlaTestCase (from Matt Thomas)
03-Mar-2010 Mark Dexter
# Fix doInstall.php to reflect SeleniumJoomlaTestCase changes
01-Mar-2010 Mark Dexter
^ Refactored SeleniumJoomlaTestCase methods and fixed test cases for new methods (from Matt Thomas)
21-Feb-2010 Mark Dexter
^ Change system tests to use filter_search
19-Feb-2010 Mark Dexter
# Fixed problems in system tests due to admin template change
^ Change doInstall.php to delete configuration.php file
17-Feb-2010 Hannes Papenberg
# Fixed JForm::setFields() test
14-Feb-2010 Ian MacLennan
+ Added tests for JEvent
+ Added tests for JDispatcher
13-Feb-2010 Ian MacLennan
^ Removing @group breaks annotation because tests no longer break the run
10-Feb-2010 Hannes Papenberg
# Fixed sampledata in JFilterInputTests
08-Feb-2010 Andrew Eddie
! Completed tests for JRegistry.
+ Added to tests for JParameter.
08-Feb-2010 Hannes Papenberg
# Fixed JSimpleXML tests
30-Jan-2010 Ian MacLennan
# Fixed JFormTest::testLoad to sync with changes to trunk
27-Jan-2010 Mark Dexter
# Fix bugs in functional tests. Add back TestSuite.php.
# Add new test to test front-end sample data.
25-Jan-2010 Louis Landry
^ Moved testing infrastructure from the /testing/ folder into the trunk.
19-Jan-2010 Andrew Eddie
^ Completed tests for INI, JSON, XML and PHP registry formatters.
^ Completed tests for JRegistryFormat.
22-Dec-2009 Ian MacLennan
# Modified mock expect calls
20-Nov-2009 Ian MacLennan
# Added @runTestsInSeparateProcesses annotations to JUtilityTest and JAuthenticationTest so that test suite would run.
06-Nov-2009 Ed Stafford
+ Added library/joomla/error skeletons in unittest
05-Nov-2009 Ed Stafford
+ Added all library/joomla/event, library/joomla/environment skeletons in unittest.
02-Nov-2009 Ed Stafford
+ Added all library/joomla/cache, library/joomla/client, library/joomla/document, and library/joomla/database skeletons
28-Oct-2009 Ed Stafford
+ Added all library/joomla/application, library/joomla/access skeletons
27-Oct-2009 Ed Stafford
+ Added all library/joomla/base skeletons
15-Oct-2009 Ian MacLennan
+ Added JPaginationTest and JPaginationTestHelper - at this point only the constructor is done
09-Oct-2009 Ian MacLennan
+ Added test skeletons for JFactory, JFrameworkConfig, JRoute, JText and JVersion
08-Oct-2009 Andrew Eddie
^ Added checks for new UTC date filters in testFilter test.
^ Changed JControllerForm tests to Hamcrest style.
+ Add skeleton for JDate tests.
07-Oct-2009 Andrew Eddie
+ Added JForm tests.
06-Oct-2009 Andrew Eddie
^ Update JActions, JAction name changes to JRules, JRule
+ Added test for JRules::getAllowed.
^ Changed some JRules tests to Hamcrest format.
02-Oct-2009 Ian MacLennan
+ Added cache tests from 1.5 unit tests
+ Added environment tests from 1.5 unit tests
+ Added filesystem tests from 1.5 unit tests
+ Added filter tests from 1.5 unit tests
+ Added Mail and Registry tests from 1.5 unit tests
25-Sep-2009 Andrew Eddie
+ Added test for JComponentForm constructor.
^ Move control panel functional tests to folder
^ Add article basic functional test
25-Sep-2009 Andrew Eddie
^ bootstrap.php can include optional config.php to set custom variables (such as JPATH_BASE).
+ Added example test.
+ Added tests for JActions and JAction.
24-Sep-2009 Andrew Eddie
+ Added 1.6 unittest scaffolding.
24-Sep-2009 Mark Dexter
^ Added basic functional tests to test admin menu choices
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