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0. Metadata
File version: $Id$
Copyright: Copyright (C) 2005 - 2009 Open Source Matters, Inc. All rights reserved.
License: GNU General Public License version 2 or later; see LICENSE.txt
1. Copyright and disclaimer
This application is opensource software released under the GPL. Please
see source code and the LICENSE file
2. Changelog
This is a non-exhaustive (but still near complete) changelog for
Joomla! 1.6, including alpha and beta versions.
Our thanks to all those people who've contributed bug reports and
code fixes.
* -> Security Fix
# -> Bug Fix
$ -> Language fix or change
+ -> Addition
^ -> Change
- -> Removed
! -> Note
13-Sep-2009 Gergo Erdosi
^ Replaced installation favicon.
12-Sep-2009 Ron Severdia
# BlueStork CSS fixes
# Article Manager cleanup
^ Replace tables in pane sliders
+ Robots dropdown added
+ Missing language strings added
11-Sep-2009 Hannes Papenberg
^ Ability to add additional layouts with own parameters via a template added to menu manager
10-Sep-2009 Ron Severdia
# BlueStork fixes
# Edit Category interface tweaks
^ Copied system images to admin template subfolder
10-Sep-2009 Ercan Ozkaya
^ Localised invalid token messages
^ Converted jExit calls to jexit
# Fixed notices in com_messages
# Fixed invalid client_id value for redirect plugin
- Removed checked_out values in installation sql
08-Sep-2009 Hannes Papenberg
+ Added "Touched" option to mod_latestnews
08-Sep-2009 Ron Severdia
# BlueStork fixes
^ Moved Media Manager folder field to bottom
$ Language consistency fixes
^ Updated toolbar icons
31-Aug-2009 Ron Severdia
# BlueStork fixes
$ Language consistency fixes
- Removed unnecessary radio buttons in new module
- Removed unused Tools menu from top menu
22-Aug-2009 Ron Severdia
# BlueStork fixes
$ Added missing language strings
+ New icon for Menu Manager in top menu
19-Aug-2009 Sam Moffatt
# [#17680] Menu links not working for 3rd party components thanks to Matias Aguirre
13-Aug-2009 Gergo Erdosi
^ Deprecated JToolBarHelper functions: customX, addNewX, editListX, editHtmlX, editCssX and deleteListX.
- Removed $hideMenu parameter of JButtonStandard->fetchButton.
^ Changed deprecated JToolBarHelper function calls in core components.
^ Replaced JQueryElement toString() method by __toString magic method.
# Fixed bug pagination getPagesCounter() method.
^ Changed database $_resource variable to $_connection.
# Fixed JDatabaseMySQLi __destruct() method.
- Removed value returning in database drivers __destruct() methods.
- Removed legacy.js file.
^ Moved /images/joomla/ to /images/system/.
12-Aug-2009 Gergo Erdosi
^ Removed legacy code from the .htaccess file.
^ Updated robots.txt to the current directory structure.
^ Replaced com_languages with its refactored version.
! Thanks to Christophe Demko for helping refactor the com_languages component.
^ Replaced com_messages with its refactored version.
! Thanks to Joe LeBlanc for helping refactor the com_messages component.
- Removed DEFAULT values of TEXT types in installation SQL.
# Fixed database version check during installation.
05-Aug-2009 Ercan Ozkaya
# [#17479] Com_menus and com_modules issue fix (Thanks Johnathan Cheung)
04-Aug-2009 Sam Moffatt
+ Added file installer thanks to work by Ajay Lulia
02-Aug-2009 Sam Moffatt
+ Added default to JApplication::getCfg
+ [#16939] Add Cookie Domain and Path setting to global config
01-Aug-2009 Hannes Papenberg
# Fixed com_templates and template parameterset-to-menu item assignment
30-Jul-2009 Gergo Erdosi
^ Updated SimplePie to version 1.2.
30-Jul-2009 Ercan Ozkaya
+ Added method registry for JHtml
29-Jul-2009 Gergo Erdosi
+ [#17091] Enabling installing front-end languages for plugins
21-Jul-2009 Sam Moffatt
^ Changed default behaviour of JStream::open to not autodetect processing method
10-Jul-2009 Gergo Erdosi
+ Added Geshi plugin back to content plugins.
^ Updated Geshi library to version
- Removed language/pdf_fonts directory.
- Removed Khepri template.
- Removed unnecessary Food icons.
- Removed images/smilies and images/stories directories.
^ Renamed images/M_images to images/joomla.
^ Renamed references of M_images to joomla.
+ Added copyright information to administrator module layout files.
08-Jul-2009 Gergo Erdosi
# Fixed bug in JForm::loadFileType() path building.
^ Changed header icons in com_users.
07-Jul-2009 Gergo Erdosi
+ Added MySQL version check to installation.
# [#17119] [patch] Add keyboard access to admin com_admin
# [#17131] [patch] Add keyboard access to admin mod_login
07-Jul-2009 Andrew Eddie
# Fixed modal article selector.
06-Jul-2009 Andrew Eddie
# [#17103] Missing JText::_ in administrator/components/com_admin/helpers/html/directory.php
^ Change component configuration files from params to fields.
^ Make view/layout labels consistent and convert XML from params to fields.
^ Refactored instances of global $mainframe.
^ Moved the milkyway overrides out of the way for the time being (too many errors to fix).
+ Added JApplicationHelper::getComponentName from experimental branch.
05-Jul-2009 Gergo Erdosi
^ Replaced mod_status with its refactored version.
! Thanks to Andrea Tarr for helping refactor the mod_status module.
# Fixed bug in installation.
05-Jul-2009 Andrew Eddie
+ Add accessability tweaks to admin mod_menu.
+ [#16547] Cancel button on Article Manager parameters does not work
^ All arguments are now optional in JParameter::__construct.
^ Refactored com_config.
+ Added support for tabbed configuration files in com_config component support.
^ Configured com_content component parameters to use tabs.
04-Jul-2009 Gergo Erdosi
- Removed closing tag in configuration.php file.
+ Added new parameter option 'closingtag' to JRegistryFormatPHP::objectToString().
^ Syncronized configuration.php-dist with the changes.
04-Jul-2009 Andrew Eddie
^ SQL CHANGE: Add missing entries in jos_extensions.
+ Added new administrator template: bluestork.
^ Refactored admin mod_menu; added layout support.
# Fixed bugs in module layout list parameter.
^ Menu changes based on Ron Severdia's suggestions added.
# [#15509] JHTML::_() breaks on PHP 5.3.0 when calling methods which uses a reference in its argument list.
# [#15813] PHP Notice During Installation
# [#16527] JQuery class not imported in form/fields/accesslevels.php
# [#16691] [patch] docblock typos in html.php
^ [#14459] JProfiler Time elapsed, Memory used
# [#15367] JRegistry::setValue() return value is incorrect as per documentation
+ Added JRegistry::__toString magic method.
# [#16941] administrator/backups not created
# [#15411] Invalid HTML in com_member templates
^ [#17021] Refactoring administrator/com_admin
^ Added Robs refactoring of com_config, refactored some more.
02-Jul-2009 Andrew Eddie
- Deprecated JDatabase::stderr
+ [#16045] Added JDatabase::getNextRow, JDatabase::getNextObject
01-Jul-2009 Gergo Erdosi
# Fixed editor and editors form fields.
01-Jul-2009 Andrew Eddie
^ Changed successful translation marker in JLanguage from • to ** to avoid double escaping ugliness.
+ Added new configuration variable to enable (default) or disable the tp=1 feature.
# [#17020] Refactoring com_login component: error on at the end of inactivity period.
27-Jun-2009 Gergo Erdosi
^ Updated SimplePie to version 1.1.3.
- Removed sections search plugin.
^ Replaced emailcloak content plugin with its refactored version.
^ Replaced pagebreak content plugin with its refactored version.
^ Replaced pagenavigation content plugin with its refactored version.
^ Replaced vote content plugin with its refactored version.
26-Jun-2009 Gergo Erdosi
^ Replaced com_login with its refactored version.
! Thanks to Christophe Demko for helping refactor the com_login component.
^ Updated SVN properties on com_login.
25-Jun-2009 Gergo Erdosi
^ Merged 'com_newsfeeds' branch (Newsfeeds component refactoring).
! Thanks to Rob Clayburn for refactoring the com_newsfeeds component.
24-Jun-2009 Andrew Eddie
^ Deprecated JObject::toString, added JObject::__toString magic method.
+ Added PHP5 check to installation index.php.
+ Menus rebuild task now converts menu params to JSON format.
+ Added constructor to JObject to initialise the properties.
+ Added JObject::def with similar function to JParameter::def.
23-Jun-2009 Gergo Erdosi
# Fixed weblink checkin method.
# Fixed extension parameter of categories.
23-Jun-2009 Andrew Eddie
^ Changed mod_custom into real module; added allowance to run content through content plugin system.
# Fixed bug preventing mod_custom from displaying content.
# Fixed bug in JTable::move causing SQL error (ordering field not quoted properly).
# Fixed SQL bug in frontend com_content categories view.
+ Added sample menu item to test frontend categories view.
========== VERSION 1.6 APLHA RELEASED ==========
22-Jun-2009 Gergo Erdosi
- Removed a duplicate checked out icon from com_content.
# Fixed form validation on cancel in com_content.
22-Jun-2009 Andrew Eddie
^ Configured helpers to support the com_categories submenu.
+ Added JForm fields and parameters to list component and module layout overrides.
- Drop ordering field from jos_categoies.
21-Jun-2009 Gergo Erdosi
# Fixed configuration variable error.
# Fixed typo in installation SQL file.
^ Merged 'installation' branch (fixes to installer).
- Removed installation/LICENSE.
- Removed unnecessary manifest files.
- Removed unnecessary language files.
# Fixed mod_stats query.
21-Jun-2009 Ercan Ozkaya
^ Upgraded Mootools to version 1.2.3
20-Jun-2009 Andrew Eddie
^ Converted admin com_content to MVC
^ Converted 'frontpage' to 'featured' articles.
^ Integrated trash handling into com_content.
- Removed com_frontpage and com_trash.
^ Converted com_menus to nested sets.
^ Redesigned com_menus menu item edit page.
^ Integrated trash handling into com_menus.
^ Changed article router helper to ContentRoute::article and ContentRoute::category
^ Standardise nested set left and right fields as lft and rgt.
+ Added xreference field to jos_categories to enable sync with external data sources (replaces keyref parameter).
+ Added added language field to jos_categories (replaces parameter).
+ Added metadesc, metakey, metadata fields to jos_categories.
+ Added created_user_id, created_timte, modified_user_id, modified_time fields to jos_categories.
+ Added language and hits fields to jos_categories.
^ Change jos_session.session_id to VARCHAR(32).
- Removed form handling methods from JModelItem (now in JModelForm).
^ Moved menu helper methods from com_menus to JHtmlMenu.
+ Added JHtmlJGrid (temporary class).
^ Removed the need for JSession to use JTable (saves loading that class unnecessarily).
^ Add a temporary recursion block in JError::raiseError.
! Reverted JHtmlList::category to original argument list and deprecated method.
+ Added JHtmlCategory.
+ Added access filter to backend com_weblinks.
+ Reconfigured the JHtmlJGrid published list helper.
+ Added root/uncategorised categories to the sample data.
+ Add small alias to backend weblinks list.
+ Add ability for a weblink to not be categorised.
! Convert JForm categories field to use new API.
+ Added backend language file.
^ Refactored com_categories to support sub-controllers.
16-Jun-2009 Hannes Papenberg
# Fixed categories implementation. Changed sample data and fixed bugs in com_newsfeeds
16-Jun-2009 Andrew Eddie
+ Added placeholder folders for language override files.
^ JModelForm::getForm now returns false on error.
+ Added magic JUri::__toString method.
+ Added maxlenth attribute to TEXT parameter type.
# Jhtml::calendar now load script declarations once for each field.
- Remove fake destructor from JSession.
15-Jun-2009 Ercan Ozkaya
^ Refactored com_cache
14-Jun-2009 Hannes Papenberg
^ Implemented nested categories
# Fixed old references to #__templates_menu to work with the new #__menu_template
05-Jun-2009 Ian MacLennan
+ Added layouts from 1.5.11 to milkyway template as overrides
02-Jun-2009 Sam Moffatt
+ Added language override system
+ Added JVersion::getUserAgent
+ Added JFactory::getStream
01-Jun-2009 Louis Landry
^ Reworked installation app to use JForm and cleanup of variable names -- first pass.
! Installation language strings and JavaScript behaviors need to be reworked still.
01-Jun-2009 Ercan Ozkaya
- Removed obsolete Mootree version
- Removed index.js from khepri
^ Started refactoring of JTabs
^ Merged core-uncompressed.js and core.js
31-Jun-2009 Rob Schley
^ Moved LICENSE.php out of the installation folder and renamed to LICENSE.txt.
^ Updated the license declarations.
^ Updated some copyright declarations that still referred to 2008.
31-May-2009 Ercan Ozkaya
+ Added usergroup filter to debug plugin
+ Added groups property to JUser
31-May-2009 Sam Moffatt
^ Added extra functionality to GMail auth plugin (configurable verify peer, user blacklisting and domain control)
^ Set the type for all authentication plugins
^ Updated loader to handle non-existent files properly
+ Added ability to override default language in configuration.php file
^ Updates to improve performance of archiving subsystem
+ Added JStream class
^ Minor updates to database system
- Removed backlink migration from plugin installation SQL
31-May-2009 Ercan Ozkaya
^ Merged refactored com_checkin from experimental branch
30-May-2009 Sam Moffatt
^ Fix to htaccess to permit different extensions from /component SEF'd links
30-May-2009 Hannes Papenberg
^ Changed template manager to better support new template styles
29-May-2009 Hannes Papenberg
^ MVCed com_modules in the backend
29-May-2009 Ercan Ozkaya
+ Added CodeMirror editor plugin
29-May-2009 Ercan Ozkaya
+ Added file list section to language meta files
- Removed legacy methods from JLanguage
- Removed com_polls language files
- Removed legacy fields from language meta files (locale, winCodePage, backwardLang, pdfFontName)
! Committers, please update language meta files when adding/removing translation files
29-May-2009 Louis Landry
+ Added redirect manager component/plugin.
28-May-2009 Louis Landry
^ Replaced the combobox behavior -- still needs a few tweaks.
28-May-2009 Ercan Ozkaya
# Fixed sample data installation error
# Fixed com_members reference in mod_quickicon
28-May-2009 Hannes Papenberg
^ Updated TinyMCE to version
^ Implemented menu item specific parameter sets for templates
28-May-2009 Rob Schley
# Fixed Fatal Error call to undefined method JAdministrator::getSiteURL() in the template manager.
- Dropped the batch update interface from com_users because it has never worked.
# Fixed the toggle buttons in the users list of com_users.
# Fixed the allowed action list associated with a group not being translated in com_users.
# Fixed the "User Groups Having Access" feature in com_users.
27-May-2009 Rob Schley
# Fixed the root_user setting getting lost when updating global configuration.
# Fixed the Switcher JavaScript behavior.
# Fixed some rendering problems with the submenu in com_config and com_admin.
# Fixed the default access level setting not being added to the configuration file on install.
# Fixed problems with the installation app trying to connect to the database becuase of JModel.
# Fixed version numbers in the installation app.
# Fixed many more references to gid and removed the gid columns from the users and sessions table.
# Fixed checks against gid in com_content. Frontend editing should work now!
# Fixed checks against gid in com_weblinks submit form.
- Removed the gid field from the user form.
# Fixed JElement. Changed it back to a concrete class until other areas are changed to not use it as such.
# Fixed the group based filtering in com_content admin interface.
# Fixed part of the component config screen. Still not quite correct but at least it saves now.
# Fixed the recipients drop down in com_messages administrator interface.
# Fixed the authors drop down in com_content administrator interface.
^ Cleaned up JMenuSite.
^ Reworked the JAccess::getAuthorisedUsergroups() method.
# Fixed some global configuration issues.
+ Added a default access setting to global configuration.
27-May-2009 Andrew Eddie
- Dropped PEAR package and JArchive::create
^ Deprecated JHtmlList::accesslevel, use JHtmlList::accessLevels instead
^ Corrected JHtmlGrid::access to use new values (still needs work - not scalable)
- Deprecated passing hidemainmenu through Toolbar buttons (should be done in the view)
! HTML package soft-converted to PHP 5
^ Refactored backend com_weblinks; added access control field.
26-May-2009 Andrew Eddie
+ Added new ACL schema
- Removed jos_core_acl tables
- Removed jos_groups; adjusted joins in queries
- Upgraded JFactory
- Removed phpgacl libraries
- Removed JAuthorization (replaced with JAcl)
+ Added exclusion support for modules (don't show on page)
- Removed ADODB compatibility methods from JDatabase
+ Added chaining support to JQuery
25-May-2009 Louis Landry
+ Added JSON registry format.
^ Changed default registry format to JSON -- dynamically converts from INI.
_ Removed unnecessary constructors from plugin classes
- Removed php4 and 5.0 compatability files
- Removed JTemplate and pattemplate
+ Added JAccess and supporting libraries.
^ Updated JTableUser to support new ACL
+ Added JTableAsset, JTableUsergroup
+ Added Joomla namespace to core.js for Joomla native JavaScript methods.
! Installation application is under construction.
25-May-2009 Rob Schley
- Removed DOMIT from the libraries. Deprecated JFactory::getXMLParser('dom');
+ Added the onBeforeRender plugin event. Refactored some of the event handling logic for applications.
^ Ported over Anthony Ferrara's changes to the plugin and event system for better performance.
- Removed XStandard
^ Cleaned up the site index and application files.
^ Changed JClass references to JObject.
# Fixed a fatal error in JForm.
+ Added JController::getInstance() to fetch a controller instance.
+ Added JModelList, JModelItem, and JModelForm.
+ Added JQuery.
+ Added com_users.
22-May-2009 Louis Landry
- Removed PDF support.
^ Moved the openid library package into the plugins/authentication directory.
22-May-2009 Rob Schley
- Removed phputf8 from the libraries.
^ Moved the geshi library package into the plugins/content directory.
- Removed a ton of legacy code.
- Removed a ton of deprecated code.
# Fixed an issue with the Media Manager constantly reloading the page with MooTools 1.2.
+ Added JForm libraries package.
^ Removed references to behavior.mootools.
^ Fixed the admin menu to work with MooTools 1.2.
^ Merged in changes to JHtmlBehavior for the JavaScript framework.
^ Updated JS from for Mootools 1.2.
13-May-2009 Ian MacLennan
# [#13898] There is no translated description for component/module/plugin/etc. after installation
# [#15417] db->updateObject function outdated
# [#15727] Module cache, id, Itemid
# [#16314] PHPDoc Comment for JFactory getDocument method Incorrect
# [#16349] Revert 16122 and Replace sr-ME language files
09-May-2009 Kevin Devine
# [#15909] RSS 2.0 feeds try to turn mailto: links into absolute urls
# [#16211] Atom Link in RSS feed causes validation problems
# [#16007] JFile::getName() loses first character
05-May-2009 Ian MacLennan
# [#15541] Article Catagory Layout incorrectly sorted
# [#15699] Global Configuration Undefined Variable warning
# [#15740] At login use of task=register instead of view=register
# [#15853] Search results pagination broken when two or more search terms, SEF enabled
# [#15912] Error in KEPRI Template, css for icon 'article'
# [#15963] The align attribute in mod_mainmenu helper causes problems with some templates
24-Apr-2009 Kevin Devine
# [#15446] Atom feed does not validate for Contact Category and Weblinks Category Layouts
# [#13890] < Prev and Next > links do not follow SEF rules (duplicate content)
# [#15691] Need better control of who can upload files
# [#16112] Change in Montengrin Language ISO Code
# [#15551] Inconsistent prefix for index.php in com_users #2
# [#15913] Change in installation version display (patch included)
# [#15701] Joomla 1.5.10 breaks package installation due to new installer PHP code
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