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Commits on May 26, 2015
  1. @pe7er @Kubik-Rubik
  2. @bertmert @Kubik-Rubik

    Register to Read More link. Avoid wrong redirects after login when SE…

    bertmert authored Kubik-Rubik committed
    …F off.. Fixes #7015
  3. @bertmert @Kubik-Rubik
  4. @wilsonge @Kubik-Rubik

    Fix batch processing of articles. Fixes #7038. Fixes #7040

    wilsonge authored Kubik-Rubik committed
  5. @wilsonge @Kubik-Rubik

    There is no var filter in JInput Fixes #7039

    wilsonge authored Kubik-Rubik committed
  6. @Bakual
Commits on May 25, 2015
  1. @bertmert @wilsonge

    Some category status not filterable in Articles Manager.

    bertmert authored wilsonge committed
    Fixes #6776. Fixes #6960
  2. @roland-d

    Merge pull request #7035 from dgt41/_error_rename_menutypes

    roland-d authored
    Regression typo error on renaming i to span
  3. @dgt41

    that should be title

    dgt41 authored
  4. @vinespie @wilsonge

    Accessibility fixes for ISIS sidebar and form field labels

    vinespie authored wilsonge committed
    Fixes #6758
  5. @wilsonge

    Merge pull request #7030 from photodude/patch-5

    wilsonge authored
    Declare visibility for method _getUserDisplayedGroups
  6. @wilsonge

    Merge pull request #6602 from alikon/patch-12

    wilsonge authored
    [fix] for #6601 Banner Manager
  7. @photodude

    Use protected method

    photodude authored
  8. @wilsonge
  9. @smz @wilsonge

    Introduces rel="alternate" for the active language.

    smz authored wilsonge committed
    Fixes #6963. Fixes #6923.
  10. @photodude

    Declare visibility for method _getUserDisplayedGroups

    photodude authored
    Best Practices fix: It is generally recommended to explicitly declare the visibility for methods.
    Assuming public for method `_getUserDisplayedGroups`
  11. @wilsonge

    Merge pull request #6528 from mbabker/installMinimumPhpString

    wilsonge authored
    Make a proper string to display the PHP version check
  12. @wilsonge

    Merge pull request #6447 from mbabker/UpdatedGraphics

    wilsonge authored
    Replace Joomla logo graphics based on draft brand manual
  13. @wilsonge

    Merge pull request #4886 from aDaneInSpain/patch-7

    wilsonge authored
    Update JFormFieldRulesTest.php
  14. @wilsonge

    Merge pull request #3093 from orware/patch-1

    wilsonge authored
    Bind Variable Fix Within PDO Driver
  15. @bertmert @wilsonge

    Add support for maxlength attribute in textarea form field.

    bertmert authored wilsonge committed
    Fixes #6459. Fixes #6460.
  16. @wilsonge
  17. @demis-palma @wilsonge

    Fix error message on installation when SQL File not found.

    demis-palma authored wilsonge committed
    Fixes #6559.
  18. @wilsonge

    Merge pull request #6980 from DannyBoyk/patch-1

    wilsonge authored
    Fix Feed-reader crashes site if source is not a newsfeed
  19. @wilsonge

    Merge pull request #6978 from Bakual/CoreOptions

    wilsonge authored
    Adding core.options to remaining extensions
Commits on May 24, 2015
  1. @wilsonge

    Merge pull request #7021 from mbabker/URI

    wilsonge authored
    Improve extensibility of JUri
Commits on May 23, 2015
  1. @mbabker

    Improve extensibility of JUri

    mbabker authored
  2. @rdeutz

    Merge pull request #7013 from infograf768/bad_comment

    rdeutz authored
    Correcting comment: do not confuse punycode with percent-encoding
  3. @infograf768
  4. @wilsonge

    Merge pull request #6847 from chrisdavenport/patch-3

    wilsonge authored
    Fix PHP Notice in Smart Search adapter (#6842)
  5. @tranduyhung @wilsonge

    Fixed failure to get user resource from Twitter.

    tranduyhung authored wilsonge committed
    Fixes #6852
Commits on May 22, 2015
  1. @wilsonge

    Merge pull request #6961 from bertmert/patch-11

    wilsonge authored
    Fixes #6821. Load Bootstrap framework in icons layout for single article view
  2. @wilsonge

    Merge pull request #7010 from photodude/patch-4

    wilsonge authored
    Correct the description for the usergrouplist field
  3. @nonumber @roland-d

    Replaced <i> with <span> tags Fixes #6467

    nonumber authored roland-d committed
  4. @photodude

    Correct the description for the field

    photodude authored
    Field loads available user groups not user statuses
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