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Commits on Jul 4, 2015
  1. @wilsonge

    Merge pull request #6588 from C-Lodder/js-fixes

    wilsonge authored
    Improved com_banners hide/show for parameters
Commits on Jul 3, 2015
  1. @Bakual

    Merge pull request #7333 from mbabker/travisBuild

    Bakual authored
    Change Travis build and Composer lock to track extra dev dependencies
  2. @Bakual
  3. @mbabker
  4. @brianteeman @Kubik-Rubik

    Show hide Fixes #7219

    brianteeman authored Kubik-Rubik committed
  5. @infograf768 @Kubik-Rubik
  6. @brianteeman @Kubik-Rubik
  7. @brianteeman @Kubik-Rubik
  8. @brianteeman @Kubik-Rubik
  9. @OctavianC @Kubik-Rubik
  10. @infograf768 @Kubik-Rubik
  11. @Kubik-Rubik

    Change language string for active module positions Fixes #7252

    n9iels authored Kubik-Rubik committed
  12. @shur @Kubik-Rubik

    PHPCS fix Fixes #7254

    shur authored Kubik-Rubik committed
  13. @okonomiyaki3000 @Kubik-Rubik
  14. @wilsonge @Kubik-Rubik

    Fix case with string value Fixes #7255

    wilsonge authored Kubik-Rubik committed
  15. @wojsmol @Kubik-Rubik
  16. @mbabker @Kubik-Rubik
  17. @mbabker @Kubik-Rubik
  18. @smz @Kubik-Rubik

    Minor fixes in "Install localised content" Fixes #7281

    smz authored Kubik-Rubik committed
  19. @zero-24 @Kubik-Rubik
  20. @PhilETaylor @Kubik-Rubik
  21. @Bakual @Kubik-Rubik
Commits on Jul 2, 2015
  1. @rdeutz

    set to development mode

    rdeutz authored
  2. @rdeutz

    Prepare 3.4.3 Release

    rdeutz authored
  3. @rdeutz

    Prepare 3.4.3 Release

    rdeutz authored
  4. @rdeutz
  5. @rdeutz

    Merge branch 'ModalsScrollbarIssue' of

    rdeutz authored
     into smz-ModalsScrollbarIssue
  6. @rdeutz
  7. @infograf768

    Completing #7302

    infograf768 authored
  8. @mbabker

    Merge pull request #7303 from Hackwar/patch-59

    mbabker authored
    Having a multilang-site should not override the options of JCategories
  9. @mbabker

    Merge pull request #7313 from Bakual/FixDefaultAccess

    mbabker authored
    Setting proper default values for access level
  10. @mbabker

    Merge pull request #7317 from rdeutz/option-validation-hotfix

    mbabker authored
    value is null so it doesn't match to the empty option
  11. @rdeutz
  12. @Bakual
  13. @Bakual
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