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Commits on Jan 23, 2012
  1. @dextercowley
  2. @dextercowley

    Prepare for 2.5.0 release

    dextercowley authored
Commits on Jan 22, 2012
  1. @infograf768

    # [#27691] Active taxonomy nodes are ignored in Smart Search module.

    Chris Davenport authored infograf768 committed
    Thanks Chris.
  2. @mbabker @infograf768

    # [#27789] SQL Server - Smart Search Statistics view fails to load.

    mbabker authored infograf768 committed
    Thanks Michael.
  3. @mbabker @infograf768

    # [#27791] SQL Server - Cannot access Smart Search Filter Edit View.

    mbabker authored infograf768 committed
    Thanks Michael
  4. @andreatarr @infograf768

    # [#27812] image float issues. Thanks Andrea.

    andreatarr authored infograf768 committed
  5. @infograf768
  6. @jurca @infograf768

    # [#26974] Article button for wysiwyg creating links different from

    jurca authored infograf768 committed
    links created by menu items. Thanks Martin.
  7. @infograf768
  8. @oc666 @infograf768
  9. @chdemko

    Merge pull request #52 from mbabker/cli

    chdemko authored
    CLI tweaks
  10. @infograf768 @chdemko
  11. @mbabker

    Remove index.html

    mbabker authored
  12. @realityking @mbabker

    Don't use the PHP 5.3 constant __DIR__.

    realityking authored mbabker committed
    Set JError::$legacy in CLI scripts.
  13. @mbabker

    CLI Tweaks

    mbabker authored
  14. @infograf768
Commits on Jan 21, 2012
  1. @infograf768

    Merge pull request #94 from jonnsl/pt-br

    infograf768 authored
    Updating installation ini file pt-BR. Thanks.
  2. @jonnsl
  3. @brianteeman @infograf768

    $ [#27564] Capitalisation of extension names in language files.

    brianteeman authored infograf768 committed
    (English ONLY)
  4. @infograf768
  5. @infograf768
  6. @infograf768
  7. @infograf768
  8. @brianteeman @infograf768

    $ [#27787] Installation Folder not directory. Thanks Brian. (English

    brianteeman authored infograf768 committed
    consistency ONLY)
  9. @andreatarr @infograf768
  10. @infograf768
  11. @andreatarr @infograf768

    # [#27557] Code style fix and Hathor CSS fixes to Extensions/Installer.

    andreatarr authored infograf768 committed
    Thanks Andrea.
  12. @elinw @chdemko

    [#27761] No parent categories showing in one scenario

    elinw authored chdemko committed
  13. @chdemko
  14. @chdemko

    [#27795] Strict standards: Declaration of LanguagesModelLanguage::del…

    chdemko authored
    …ete() should be compatible with that of JModelAdmin::delete()
  15. @infograf768
  16. @infograf768
  17. @elinw @chdemko

    [#27766] ACL Issues when user has edit (but not create) permission in…

    elinw authored chdemko committed
    … specific categories.
  18. @andreatarr @chdemko
  19. @andreatarr @chdemko
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