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Commits on Mar 21, 2013
  1. @dextercowley
Commits on Mar 20, 2013
  1. @mbabker

    Fix code style

    mbabker authored
  2. @mbabker
  3. @dextercowley

    [#29520] Cannot add new menu item. [qlsrv]. Thanks Cliff Galiher.

    Cliff Galiher authored dextercowley committed
  4. @elinw @dextercowley

    [#30314] Move to new JFeed. Thanks Elin.

    elinw authored dextercowley committed
  5. @dextercowley

    [#30326] Cannot add position in Module Manager. Thanks Roberto Segura.

    Roberto Segura authored dextercowley committed
  6. @infograf768

    beez3 version#

    infograf768 authored
  7. @infograf768
  8. @elinw @infograf768
  9. @infograf768

    # [#29734] Joomla Newsfeed problem. Thanks Tessa

    Tessa Mero authored infograf768 committed
  10. @infograf768
  11. @infograf768
  12. @phproberto @infograf768

    # [#30333] *TAGS: Notice when entering 2 tags in a tags menu item.

    phproberto authored infograf768 committed
    Thanks Roberto
Commits on Mar 19, 2013
  1. @infograf768

    typo in lang string

    infograf768 authored
  2. @infograf768

    missing backend string

    infograf768 authored
  3. @infograf768
  4. @dextercowley @infograf768
Commits on Mar 18, 2013
  1. @infograf768
  2. @infograf768
  3. @infograf768

    reverting #28802

    infograf768 authored
  4. @infograf768

    new strings for Tags

    infograf768 authored
  5. @marcodings @infograf768
  6. @infograf768
Commits on Mar 17, 2013
  1. @elinw @mbabker

    [#30311] Move code from tag model to tags class

    elinw authored mbabker committed
  2. @mbabker

    Merge pull request #830 from elinw/movepackages

    mbabker authored
    Add social and OAuth1 packages from platform
  3. @elinw
  4. @chdemko @infograf768

    # [#28171] Com_content category view incorrect ordering of "featured"

    chdemko authored infograf768 committed
    articles. Thanks Christophe Demko
  5. @infograf768

    # [#28803] Bug in com_contact. Thanks Ben

    Ben Tasker authored infograf768 committed
  6. @infograf768
  7. @elinw @infograf768

    # [#29810] File deletion issue. Thanks Elin

    elinw authored infograf768 committed
  8. @dextercowley @mbabker

    [#29677] robots.txt in updates

    dextercowley authored mbabker committed
  9. @mbabker

    Merge pull request #828 from davidhurley/ajaxchosenlanguage

    mbabker authored
    Updated AJAX tags to use language file
  10. @mbabker

    Fix doc blocks

    mbabker authored
  11. Updated language file ordering

    David Hurley authored
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