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Commits on Mar 30, 2013
  1. @dextercowley
  2. @mbabker

    Code style

    mbabker authored
  3. @mbabker
Commits on Mar 29, 2013
  1. @dextercowley
  2. @mbabker

    Don't package PHPUnit def

    mbabker authored
  3. @mbabker
  4. @mbabker

    Merge pull request #791 from phproberto/readme

    mbabker authored
    [imp] Create markdown README
  5. @iamramtripathi @mbabker

    [#30076] Pagination does not work for components with more than one a…

    iamramtripathi authored mbabker committed
    …dministrative view
  6. @gpongelli @mbabker

    [#29551] Fixed list_price and sale_price (Fix #507)

    gpongelli authored mbabker committed
  7. @mbabker
  8. @mbabker

    Code style

    mbabker authored
  9. @mbabker

    Merge pull request #919 from brianteeman/patch-2

    mbabker authored
    Remove extra quotation mark
  10. @mbabker

    Cleanup from merging #807

    mbabker authored
  11. @mbabker

    Merge pull request #807 from nonumber/colorpicker

    mbabker authored
    Changed MooTools to jQuery based color picker
  12. @mbabker
  13. @okonomiyaki3000 @mbabker
  14. @elinw @mbabker

    [#30317] Synch session check bug fix from platform (Fix #832)

    elinw authored mbabker committed
  15. @nonumber @mbabker

    [#30391] Fixes array not being initialized (Fix #898, #899)

    nonumber authored mbabker committed
  16. @iamramtripathi @dextercowley
  17. @pilou- @dextercowley

    [#29680] JLIB_DATABASE_QUERY_FAILED when upgrading to 3.0.2

    pilou- authored dextercowley committed
    (Postgresql: invalid input syntax for integer)
  18. @dextercowley

    [#30205] findmanifest should prioritize main folder manifests

    Roberto Segura authored dextercowley committed
  19. @dextercowley

    Fix failing system tests.

    dextercowley authored
  20. @brianteeman @infograf768
  21. @brianteeman
Commits on Mar 28, 2013
  1. @infograf768
  2. @nonumber
  3. @infograf768

    # [#30414] Pagination limit not changeable in com_redirect. Thanks

    Constantin Romankiewicz authored infograf768 committed
  4. @nonumber
  5. @dextercowley @infograf768
  6. @dextercowley @infograf768

    # [#30388] Routing on the compact list tagged items layout, default

    dextercowley authored infograf768 committed
    tagged items layout and similar tags module. Thanks Mark.
  7. @infograf768
  8. @infograf768
  9. @elinw @dextercowley
Commits on Mar 27, 2013
  1. @infograf768
  2. @iamramtripathi @infograf768
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