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Fixed in master. Thanks!


Fixed in 2.5.x branch. Thanks!


Hi phproberto. Hope you are still watching this topic. I have a similar problem and none of your solutions seems to work for me. I have problem with contact form on page (breezingforms - it is using joomla library) - if I check mailback as sender. There are 2 sceraios happening:
1.) If I use phpmailer or smtp in global config - only emails from secure domains arrive (gmail, yahoo & others never arrive). Option for reply to subbmiter is working. This "block" is supposed to be hosting anti spoofing policy, but I belive there could be a solution with the way joomla sends email.
2.) If I use SMTP with my gmail account. I receive all emails, but subbmitters email is only displayed as Name before admin email (submitter@example.com [adminmail@gmail.com]) . So when I reply it sends to admins email.

Do you guys have a solution for this? I am workingon this for over 14 days and I am loosing it....

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