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Mock JDocument in JErrorPage unit test
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Unit Testing Information

This document provides additional information on the folder structure within the unit tests and some basic information about the test suite

Folder Structure

  • core - Registered to Joomla's autoloader by the unit testing bootstrap file, contains all classes named Test* and primarily contains TestCase classes extending the PHPUnit Framework and classes to generate mock objects for several classes.
  • schema - This folder contains all SQL schema for setting up the environment for tests using TestCaseDatabase. The ddl.sql file is used by TestCaseDatabase to create a SQLite in-memory database which is destroyed at the end of the test cycle. The other SQL files are specific to each database vendor and require you to manually create the databases.
  • stubs - Contains miscellaneous test data used throughout the suite.
    • database - CSV files loaded by various tests to populate the database with test data
    • discover* - Stubs used with JLoaderTest
  • suites - The actual test classes
  • tmp - A temporary directory used for filesystem operations in the test suite
  • bootstrap.php - The testing bootstrap called when PHPUnit is run
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