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Marketing Team Contributor Guide


  • Working Group - Also labelled as “WG”. A sub-group or sub-team that is responsible for a particular element of Joomla marketing. Each Working Group has a leader and contributors.
  • Projects - This is where the Working Groups coordinate their tasks. Within each Project you will find columns that determine the status of each task.
  • Issues - These can be thought of as tasks for each working group. When creating a new Issue, you will select the Working Group which it is assigned to, and utilize tags to help identify the nature of the task.

How to Signup to a Working Group

  1. Select the Issues tab and locate the assoicated Help Wanted issue for that Working Group.
  2. Add a comment to that Issue indicating that you would like to signup. Be sure to include which skills you can offer and the number of hours you would like to contribute per month.

How To Request Joomla! Marketing support

If you need marketing support from the Marketing Team you can use the links below to request support, share your ideas, request imagery, etc. You do need a GitHub account, if you don't have one you can create one.

Just a few pointers :

  1. If you ask support for an event (JoomlaDay, external, JUG meeting,...) please always mention date, location, number of attendees, needed materials
  2. Try to give us as much information as possible
  3. If deadlines are applied do not forget to mention them
  4. Provide links if possible or screenshots/images


Sort Request Link
Marketing idea Suggest Marketing idea
Event support Request event support
Imagery Request imagery
Copywriting Request copywriting
Other Any other request

The aim of this repo is to manage the work of the Marketing Team and promote transparency across all areas of The Joomla! Project.You can also see an overview of requests/tasks and ideas at

For more information on the Marketing Team & how to join please visit or


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