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Contributing to the Joomla! Platform
-All contributions are welcome to be submitted for review for inclusion in the Joomla! Platform, but before they will be accepted, we ask that you follow these simple steps:
-1) Submitted code must follow the Joomla! Code Standards
-* Please use the resources at for more information about the code standards.
+This repo is no longer accepting contributions or pull requests.
-2) Submitted code must not cause existing unit tests to fail
-* If a change in a method causes a change in the expected behavior, the unit test should also be updated to match the change.
+The Platform has been merged back in to the (Joomla! CMS)[],
+and the (Joomla! Framework)[] has taken it's place as
+the standalone application framework for Joomla! application.s
-3) Unit tests are *highly* encouraged for all pull requests
-* The Joomla Platform uses PHPUnit for its unit testing. Please review the PHPUnit manual at
-* Whether your pull request is a bug fix or introduces new classes or methods to the Platform, we ask that you include unit tests for your changes
-* We understand that not all users submitting pull requests will be proficient with PHPUnit. The maintainers and community as a whole are a helpful group and can help you with writing tests.
-* Although bug fixes may be accepted without unit tests (so long as existing tests do not fail with your change), new classes will not be accepted without tests to validate its functionality.
+Please determine if your PR should go to the CMS or the Framework, and submit accordingly.
-4) Documentation is *highly* encouraged
-* The Platform Manual is contained in the docs directory of this repo and is written in Markdown format.
-* When submitting new packages, documentation will be required with your pull request. Please use the existing documentation for examples.
-* We understand that not all code is documented at this time. Feel free to expand on the existing documentation by adding to existing chapters or submitting new chapters.
-Please be patient as not all items will be tested or reviewed immediately by a Platform maintainer. There is an automated pull request tester online at which runs the unit tests and checks the code style of every request; please use this resource to ensure your pull does not cause test failures and follows the coding standard.
-Lastly, please be receptive to feedback about your change. The maintainers and other community members may make suggestions or ask questions about your change. This is part of the review process, and helps everyone to understand what is happening, why it is happening, and potentially optimize your code.
+In order to determine where it should go, take a look at the code in the framework src/Joomla folder.
+If you can find an equivilent section of code there, submit it to the Framework. If not, then submit to the CMS.

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