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Restore the admin application check for toolbar.

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1 parent 59c18dc commit a962ad7ed99cc46c5407377e07efa01f06e58bfa @elinw elinw committed Jan 3, 2012
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@@ -357,7 +357,7 @@ public static function renderComponent($option, $params = array())
$contents = self::executeComponent($path);
// Build the component toolbar
- if ($path = JApplicationHelper::getPath('toolbar'))
+ if ($path = JApplicationHelper::getPath('toolbar') && $app->isAdmin())
// Get the task again, in case it has changed
$task = JRequest::getString('task');

1 comment on commit a962ad7


beat commented on a962ad7 Jan 6, 2012

Hi Elin,
Thanks for the analysis of the bug and the pull request.
Unfortunately, it was breaking the toolbars include and generating a warning.

Here is my pull request for the fix of the fix here:

This also illustrates once more why assignments should not be made inside if statements, like was already the case already before and which prompted for this added bug.

My pull request moves the assignment outside the if, which makes the line cleaner (and passing PHP lint).

My fix is tested.

Commented here too:

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