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Commits on Jan 3, 2012
  1. @chdemko

    Tagging 11.4

    chdemko committed
  2. @chdemko

    Merge pull request #653 from chdemko/group_concat

    chdemko committed
    Changing group_concat to something "mysql" independent
  3. @chdemko

    Merge pull request #587 from chdemko/23882

    chdemko committed
    Joomla CMS [#23882] JForm::getGroup() not properly generating nested group names
  4. @chdemko

    Merge pull request #697 from realityking/jdocumentsafe

    chdemko committed
    Some small improvements for JDocument:
  5. @chdemko

    Merge pull request #701 from pasamio/sniff-fix

    chdemko committed
    Fixing issue with sniffer not detecting double quoted params properly
  6. @pasamio

    Merge pull request #703 from elinw/toolbar

    pasamio committed
    Restore the admin application check for toolbar.
  7. @realityking

    Some small improvements for JDocument:

    realityking committed
    -Allow content without a charset to be output (useful for binary data)
    -Allow complete removal of the meta generator element.
    -Some small code style improvements
  8. @elinw
  9. @chdemko


    chdemko committed
  10. @chdemko

    Merge pull request #685 from infograf768/patch-2

    chdemko committed
    Useless replacement for some alias glyphs.
  11. @pasamio
  12. @infograf768
  13. @infograf768
  14. @chdemko

    Merge pull request #698 from realityking/deprecated

    chdemko committed
    Fix a typo in JTable.
Commits on Jan 2, 2012
  1. @realityking

    Fix a typo.

    realityking committed
  2. @pasamio

    Merge pull request #696 from mbabker/installer

    pasamio committed
    Make Installer package class vars public
  3. @chdemko

    Merge pull request #694 from mbabker/batch_user

    chdemko committed
    Fix grouping in JHtmlUser::groups
  4. @chdemko

    Merge pull request #695 from mbabker/infourl

    chdemko committed
    Add INFOURL to _updatecols
  5. @mbabker

    Make class vars public

    mbabker committed
  6. @mbabker

    Add INFOURL to _updatecols

    mbabker committed
  7. @chdemko

    Merge pull request #679 from gpongelli/qnArray

    chdemko committed
    Changed quoteName function.
  8. @chdemko

    Merge pull request #237 from mbabker/installer

    chdemko committed
    Allow package extension types to use scriptfiles
  9. @chdemko

    Merge pull request #676 from pasamio/updater-fix

    chdemko committed
    Updates to fix updater system
  10. @mbabker
  11. @chdemko

    Merge pull request #692 from realityking/js

    chdemko committed
    Stop using deprecated JS functions.
  12. @chdemko

    Merge pull request #693 from realityking/highlighter

    chdemko committed
    Fix the highlighter behavior.
  13. @realityking
  14. @realityking
  15. @chdemko

    Merge pull request #680 from elinw/jtablenested

    chdemko committed
    Fix a typo in the publish method of jtablenested.Originally identified i...
  16. @chdemko
  17. @infograf768
Commits on Jan 1, 2012
  1. @infograf768
  2. @pasamio

    Reverting pull request #93 due to BC issues and mismatch between inte…

    pasamio committed
    …nded behaviour and actual.
    This pull request is being reverted due to two issues:
    1) The pull request causes a backwards compatibility issue where a spurious warning would always be generated ("Table class not found in file")
    2) The pull request states that the extension name should be used, instead the change actually uses the name of the model.
    More details available on this platform mailing list post:
Commits on Dec 31, 2011
  1. @elinw
  2. @elinw

    Code style

    elinw committed
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