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JBrowser issue #1008

Denitz opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Found notices in error.log of Joomla 2.5.3:
PHP Notice: Undefined offset: 1 in /libraries/joomla/environment/browser.php on line 562

Current Joomla code for 562 is:

list ($this->_majorVersion, $this->_minorVersion) = explode('.', $version[1]);

This appears to be resolved in the latest version of the platform. The original code was:
preg_match('|Version/ |', $this->_agent, $version);
list ($this->_majorVersion, $this->_minorVersion) = explode('.', $version[1]);

Code is now:
if (preg_match('|Version/ |', $this->_agent, $version))
list ($this->_majorVersion, $this->_minorVersion) = explode('.', $version[1]);


I don't think this is solved.. I'm runing the lates version and still getting the notices on iPad and iPhones...


Can confirm this patch was never added since the 2.5.1 , browser.php line 562 is same in 2.51 and 2.5.6 . However the patch from aaronschmitz does work


@youjoomla you could propose that as a patch on the 2.5.x tracker.

In the meantime as a platform issue this should be closed.

@dongilbert dongilbert closed this
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