The Platform needs to decouple the JUser class from the JTable class #276

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Specifically, the following lines in /libraries/joomla/database/table/content.php are problematic (according to Louis Landry): 247, 253, 266. Thanks to Louis for tracking this down at Joomla!Day South Africa 2011 with me.



Has this been cleaned up in the meantime?


The issue is that the JTable bone is connected to the JUser bone ... and the JUser bone is connected to the JSession bone... and in a CLI application where you may want to edit/store content but don't have a session this causes problems. We need a way to inject a JUser object into JTable classes to be used instead of calling JFactory::getUser(). Perhaps something like JTable::setUser(JUser $user). It can still default to asking the factory, but there should be an option to inject the user dependency.


oooo I missed he session part.



Should the user just be set to null if there is no user specifically available (either JUser or set explicitly in the application or a default user? Should there be any cases besides the user table where you have to have a userId and get an exception if you don't? I was looking in JContent and it uses the idea of a default user as a fall back but what if there is no default? I guess I mean to what extent is/should the platform (as opposed to application) setting required fields?


Possible fix b2ecaa8


I'm sorry but we aren't accepting issues for this repository any more. Please see for how to report and issue for the CMS Platform.

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