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Moving rules and fields for autoloading #1412

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ianmacl commented Jul 25, 2012

Moving JForm fields and rules to new folders so they can be autoloaded.


Have we also removed the "include" paths here so that it isn't trying to add an include a folder full of things that doesn't exist.

elinw commented Sep 12, 2012

@ianmacl This can be closed now I think.


Doesn't look like it can be closed to me. This is still an issue it seems -- unless i'm missing something.

@ianmacl can you rebase this and double check on the include paths bit please?

elinw commented Oct 8, 2012

Oh for some reason I thought Rouven had done field(s) and rule(s) but it was just rules to rule.


@ianmacl when you get this fixed up re-open please. Marked for 12.3 release.

@LouisLandry LouisLandry closed this Oct 9, 2012
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