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Fix installer/updater in platform for Joomla 3. Thanks Rouven #1479

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When using the Updater in Joomla 3 right now you get a:

  • Notice: Undefined index: wrapper_data in /Users/rouven/Sites/joomla-cms/libraries/joomla/installer/helper.php on line 55

Checking with Rouven he suggested that change attached in the pull request. I have tested with the 3 transports like that:

// using STREAM
$http = new JHttp(null, new JHttpTransportStream(null));

// using sockets
$http = new JHttp(null, new JHttpTransportSocket(null));

// using CURL
$http = JHttpFactory::getHttp();

All they worked for me.

Please review it.
Thanks ^_^


Sorry, I made a mistake during the test. Actually is not working for Stream and Sockets. Only for CURL

@javigomez javigomez closed this

I'm wondering here first why Content-Disposition would be found outside of the wrapper_data. Would it possibly be better to check if $response->headers['wrapper_data']['Content-Disposition']) is !empty? Since it's optional it's valid for it to not be set or to be empty.

@realityking, is this change apply to all 3 adapters ? (curl, socket, stream)


Maybe I'm overlooking a key thing here. I understood JHttpResponse::$transport to be an array of all the headers returned by the server. The keys being the header name and the value being the value.

As far as I can tell wrapper_data is something stream specific, if this is the case we should abstract this out in the JHttp transports.

@oc666 I'm not sure what you're asking, this code is outside JHttp, in theory it shouldn't concern itself with the question what transport is used.

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Commits on Aug 21, 2012
  1. @realityking @javigomez

    Fix installer/updater in platform for Joomla 3.

    realityking authored javigomez committed
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  1. +2 −2 libraries/joomla/installer/helper.php
4 libraries/joomla/installer/helper.php
@@ -52,9 +52,9 @@ public static function downloadPackage($url, $target = false)
return false;
- if ($response->headers['wrapper_data']['Content-Disposition'])
+ if (isset($response->headers['Content-Disposition']))
- $contentfilename = explode("\"", $response->headers['wrapper_data']['Content-Disposition']);
+ $contentfilename = explode("\"", $response->headers['Content-Disposition']);
$target = $contentfilename[1];
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