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With JHTML Tabs, the function getJSObject does not trim quote properly.
This fix would remove and strip single quotes.

Original issue :

@obsidev obsidev JHTML Tabs javascript fix
Removing unused single quotes for JHTML Tabs and improving the function
GetJSObject with trim and escape for single quotes.


You have quite a few codestyle issues, but fortunately you can probably search and replace to fix many of them. They are listed here:


I did not touch any of these files. I have just modify three lines...
Is there really codestyle issues in these three lines ?


Hmm it looks like it is running one level too high (should be excluding php mailer etc)


Yes I think so too.
I look for "html.php" and "tabs.php" in the file but I did not found any of them.
So I can conclude that there is no codestyle issue for my three lines : cool !



@ianmacl , @realityking could you figure out what is going wrong with the pulltester?


@obsidev this pull request is no longer mergeable. It would be great if you could rebase your branch so that it can be cleanly merged again. I've marked this for merging into 12.3, and will be happy to merge once that is sorted out. Thanks a bunch for the fix!

Note: I'm going to close this pull request for now. This is just so it is no longer in our reviewable pull request queue until you have it mergeable again. Once you get that fixed up please re-open the pull request and we'll get it merged.

@LouisLandry LouisLandry closed this Oct 9, 2012
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