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New Feed package. #1607

wants to merge 8 commits into from

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No description provided.


Can you reopen this?


I can. Can you?


Can you pppppplease reopen this?


Looks like Jools took pity on you


Jools won't reopen the issue for me though.


On very quick look this looks good. The only question remaining is if it will be possible to use the old class over transition time or if the new class is backwards compatible enough to replace the old one?

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Commits on Oct 8, 2012
  1. @LouisLandry

    Initial commit of feed package.

    LouisLandry authored
    Moving some parsing logic around and starting to think about how I want
    to make this thing extensible.
    Cleaning up some things.
    Adding some things for testing.
    Updating @since tags and general cleanup.
    Cleaning up unit tests.
  2. @ianmacl @LouisLandry

    Tests for JFeed

    ianmacl authored LouisLandry committed
  3. @LouisLandry
  4. @ianmacl @LouisLandry

    Adding tests for JFeedParser

    ianmacl authored LouisLandry committed
  5. @ianmacl @LouisLandry

    Tests for remaining feed code.

    ianmacl authored LouisLandry committed
  6. @LouisLandry
  7. @LouisLandry
  8. @LouisLandry
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