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Media package manual

Previous discussion thread!topic/joomla-dev-platform/gsozoo4B2Jw

In the previous discussion, some modification were suggested such as removing the usage of JFile, refactoring JMediaCombiner as JMediaCollection etc.

I am creating this pull request, after committing those modifications.

Media package

Tests for media package

kaviththiranga and others added some commits Jul 18, 2012
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga Added media package with implemented Compressors and combiners 1b0405d
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga fixes for CS 6435290
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga fixes f203de1
@mariusvr mariusvr Created unit tests and improved the API 51b4c41
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga Merge pull request #1 from jfusion/JMedia
Created unit tests and improved the API by Marius.
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga Combiner improvements b573a3f
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga fixes to compressor d59c068
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga fixes 1d4ba7e
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga combiner fixes 2e9dc6a
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga Fixes for code sniffer e2ee785
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga Test files implemented 343dc6c
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga fixes to compressors 150aa17
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga Implemented clear() method to avoid any confusing situations when
receiving an old instance of compressor.
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga Compressor tests implemented 8b66057
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga fixes and modified to coding standards 7deeb69
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga fixes to media package 9b64922
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga fixed a PHPCS error be5ba3f
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga Unit tests further implemented 7a0b369
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga fixes to compressor 69ddffe
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga Fixes to combiner 23779a3
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga Improvements to unit tests 5d3c5c9
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga Implemented getOptions() 4347f06
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga fixes to setOptions() and constructor b5b5950
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga Unit tests further implemented 7100c75
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga fixes to combiners dc14d7b
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga Improvements to unit tests 019853b
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga fixes to unit test ffe1d9a
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga fixed css midpass filter replacements in _handleComments() call back
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga fixes to unit tests 3d3338b
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga improvements to combiner 697cc7d
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga fixes to combiners fe01b93
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga fixes to combiner 61521f9
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga improvemets to unit tests 22c6370
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga fixes 0c7dbcf
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga added test files 2b1c0b2
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga combiner fix 972c6a6
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga fixes 40b13c8
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga fix 0bd28f1
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga removed exception file bd87684
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga comment tags updated d0a2fc3
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga js combiner comments modified 3798d1e
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga removed jimport 735400b
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga fix 807a97b
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/JMedia' into JMedia 3186af6
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga Added Collection Classes 8d8cef4
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga Fixes to Colletions a4dec7c
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga Tests modified 52ca108
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga fixes and removed Old Combiner classes e8bd348
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga fixes and added support for passing a compressor to collection constr…
…uctor via options COMPRESSOR field
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga Native File functions added 76a9a3e
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga getInstance() modified in JMediaCollection + fixes 8cfa967
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga fixes to JMediaCollection 1991793
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga Refactored JFile usage in JMediaCompressors 032549f
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga fixes 6f17d78
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga added gitignore 3c05e0c
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga gitignore modified 932898e
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga gitignore added a5018ca
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga Merge branch 'NativeFileFunctions' into JMediaCollection d42c3b7
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga gitignore added 9743205
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga git ignore modified 5a48ab5
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga git ignore modified cb555dc
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga Merge branch 'master' of
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga gg 0e3cddb
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga gg 4e26acf
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga gg 8a90688
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga removed conflicts in JRequestGetMethod.php ffff4d8
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga removed conflicts dad4ee3
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga Merge branch 'master' into JMediaCollection 0ebc056
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga fixes d6bc851
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga refactored tests a888977
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga Added doc file and some modifications to Tests 8d1e0e3
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga Moved test files to tests/media directory. 4eac6ae
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga improved docs 852bd44
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga improved docs daa1802
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga improved docs bfb436a
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga improved docs 7bd7995
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga improved docs fc4b745
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga improved docs c8eeb88
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga improved docs 83329ce
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga improved docs 4a19bad
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga improved docs 355c915
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga Removed tests\tmp\test_files directory. 0b9030e
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga git ignore added 55831db
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga Merge branch 'staging' into JMediaCollection 063a099
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga resolved conflicts f1bd203
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga removed root .gitignore 39e8fac
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga fixes to tests 91c966d
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga fixes to tests 76cacf0
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga improvements to doc file c41b837
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga fixes to collections a395435
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga improvements to doc file d6c5593
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga improvements to doc file 8639860
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga improvements to doc file 5028253
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga improvements to doc file 7c626a6
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga improvements to tests 0e47352
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga improvements to tests fe98101
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga improvements to tests 8de5fba
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga improvements to tests 9954ba3
@kaviththiranga kaviththiranga improvements to doc bef979b

closing an recreating the pull request from a different branch.

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