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JOpenstreetmap Package #1786

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This package helps Joomla platform users to interact with Open Street Map API and exchange data easily. Information flow process is done through mostly OAuth authentication and some times Basic authentication.
So far, I have made few commits to make it error free code.

Happy to hear your opinions on this implementation.

Thanks !

This was referenced

@Buddhima this branch needs to be updated. If you can do that soon, I'll merge it. Thanks in advance.


@eddieajau I have updated the branch. Thanks a lot for informing.


There's still an issue with this. I think it's because we have already merged the oauth code into the repo, and it might be conflicting. Can you try pulling from staging back into your branch to resolve any merge conflicts? And then you can push an update to this, and we can merge. If you have some trouble, I'll try to make some time to help you out with the conflicts.


Hi @dongilbert , I added OAuth1 code in order to pass the tests.
Can you please tell me how to pull from staging back into my JOsm branch?


@Buddhima try doing a rebase over the current staging branch and see what if any conflicts you get. I think they should be limited to just that one area of your code that uses the OAuth. Then deal with the conflicts individually. Then just check that everything still works.


Hi @elinw , @eddieajau and @dongilbert , I solved conflicts (conflicts only found in Oauth1).
Thanks for guidance.

@dongilbert dongilbert merged commit 38ce0f0 into from
@mbabker mbabker referenced this pull request in joomla/joomla-framework

Port API packages from CMS #297

1 of 4 tasks complete
@mbabker mbabker referenced this pull request from a commit in joomla-framework/openstreetmap-api
@Buddhima Buddhima Add documentation from joomla/joomla-platform#1786 17c4aea
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Commits on Mar 18, 2013
  1. @Buddhima

    JOpenstreetmap package with tests added

    Buddhima authored buddhima committed
  2. @Buddhima

    osm manual

    Buddhima authored buddhima committed
  3. @Buddhima

    osm test

    Buddhima authored buddhima committed
  4. @Buddhima

    JOpenstreetmap manual discription added

    Buddhima authored buddhima committed
  5. @Buddhima

    test_osm added

    Buddhima authored buddhima committed
  6. @Buddhima

    Modified the test_osm

    Buddhima authored buddhima committed
  7. @Buddhima

    a change in sample app

    Buddhima authored buddhima committed
  8. @dianaprajescu

    Oauth 1 client

    dianaprajescu authored buddhima committed
    Created By: Diana Prajescu
    Pull Request: joomla#1422
    Github JOauth branch :
  9. @Buddhima

    Calling parent constructor issue fixed.

    Buddhima authored buddhima committed
  10. @Buddhima

    Updated since tags to 13.1

    Buddhima authored buddhima committed
  11. @Buddhima
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