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[fix] findmanifest should prioritize main folder manifests #1842

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Actually the findManifest function looks for manifests in the parent folder and in first level subfolders.

This example structure:


Will return the fof.xml manifiest.

This fix ensures that the function prioritises the main folder manifiests. I would like to remove the subfolder check but kept it for B/C reasons.


Since this is a CMS specific issue, I would defer the check on this to someone like @dextercowley or @elinw to make sure it is the desired functionality.


I see it as a Platform bug. I think "anything" using JInstaller expects it to load first the main manifest instead of subfolder's.

I already tested it and sent PR for the 2.5 and the 3.0 CMS branches:



Thanks for reviewing this!


Is there any idea that any application that isn't the CMS is using JInstaller? The code seems so specific that I think we might want to move the whole package from legacy to cms so that it's easier to make it work correctly for the cms.


I would agree with that Elin, which is the reason for my first comment. It's not that I don't want to fix or I don't think it's a bug, it's just highly CMS specific, IMO.


@elinw probably not, the paths are so mixed in, I wasn't able to use it.


So I agree with Elin, JInstaller should move to the CMS. Any opposition?


Nope. Makes sense to me.


@elinw Do you want to merge this PR before the package moves to CMS?


I thought we already merged it?

@dongilbert dongilbert merged commit 887601e into from
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Showing with 8 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +8 −2 libraries/legacy/installer/installer.php
10 libraries/legacy/installer/installer.php
@@ -1836,8 +1836,14 @@ public function copyManifest($cid = 1)
public function findManifest()
- // Get an array of all the XML files from the installation directory
- $xmlfiles = JFolder::files($this->getPath('source'), '.xml$', 1, true);
+ // Main folder manifests (higher priority)
+ $parentXmlfiles = JFolder::files($this->getPath('source'), '.xml$', false, true);
+ // Search for children manifests (lower priority)
+ $allXmlFiles = JFolder::files($this->getPath('source'), '.xml$', 1, true);
+ // Create an unique array of files ordered by priority
+ $xmlfiles = array_unique(array_merge($parentXmlfiles, $allXmlFiles));
// If at least one XML file exists
if (!empty($xmlfiles))
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